Friday, 31 May 2013

33 weeks

It's all starting to get a bit real now!

7 weeks to go and me being me, I am still not prepared in the slightest!

As I sit here and type I am still thinking about packing my labour bags, Yes, I was packing that weeks ago but I have been putting it off all this time because that will be the one thing that makes this all very real.


Today I am sitting here thinking about the fact that next month I will be Mum of Two under Two and that idea seriously is starting to scare the hell out of me! 

This week Toby to share his Hand, Foot and Mouth virus that he picked up at day care, Unfortunately I caught it worse that what he did!
I have blisters on my hands, feet and on my tongue! I can't wait for it to clear up because these blisters are sore.

Yesterday I spent the day in hospital with problems with my gallbladder again, It wasn't a bad attack but it was bad enough and I even had to have heart monitors on myself.
I did however get to go down to the pregnancy assessment clinic for a CTG to monitor her and found out she is sitting in an odd position so I just hope she moves head down and not in to breech in the last weeks!

This is a comparison picture from both my pregnancies at the same time.
Left is 33 weeks with Toby and right is this pregnancy.
I am starting to get bigger than I was with Tobes and I am starting to worry about what size my daughter is going to be!

Today Jarryd is going to make me pack my labour bags as he knows that if it is left to him, he will forget something! 



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  1. You look great! I will be 33 weeks tomorrow :) Have a great weekend!

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