Thursday, 9 May 2013

Its getting to that time again.

With my last pregnancy I was very under prepared when it came to having my hospital bags packed, Not just for labor but in general, I spent a lot of time in hospital and feel that my nights there would have been better if I was more organised.
Just sitting here now I can think of a number of things that I didn't take last time that I will be packing first this time.

I am currently going through a crazy list writing obsession, I did this with my last pregnancy but I am possibly getting worse this time around!! (SHHH don't tell my Hubby)

Even though I was prepared last time I honestly wasn't and I had no idea what I would need I packed the wrong sort of baby clothes, the wrong clothes for myself and I didn't even have breast or maternity pads!! Looking back on it now it makes me laugh at how naive I really was.

Over the next few weeks I am going to start packing and buying the things that I actually need to take to the hospital not the things that I might need.

I am planning on packing 3 different bags this time, One for me, one for bub and a small one for Jarryd.

Whats in my bag; 

Clothes- Yes I know, the most obvious thing I will need! Basically I am not planning on a long stay if its an uncomplicated birth, so I will pack a few pairs on undies, nursing bra's, PJ pants, maternity tops, singlet tops, a jumper/cardigan, track pants and jeans! Being winter I need to make sure I am nice and warm! I will leave another bag packed at home incase I have to stay longer than planned.

Toiletries- Toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant, razor, lip balm, shampoo and conditioner, body wash (soap free), hair brush and ties, some make up (I wont use it I doubt), moisturizer.

Maternity pads and Breast pads- I have started to stock up on these items and I will be trying reusable breast pads this time around but I also have disposable ones to start off with!

Ural Sachets- I was recommended these by a fellow mum who told me that they help with the sting while going to the toilet if you have any tearing.

Nipple Balm- I didn't get cracked nipples last time but you never know what will happen this time around!

Camera and charger- This is almost the most important thing for me! I love catching the moments of labour and pure love of the first minutes when a child is born!

Phone and charger- Hopefully I don't forget these!

Wallet- I might need to buy something and I also might need my ID or health cards!

Purple Book- This book has my whole pregnancy documented in it so they know what check up's and tests I have had. (this will be packed after my last appointment)

Toilet Paper- The hospital stuff is like using sandpaper after having a baby.

Whats in babies bag;  

Wondersuits- I am planning on taking a three 4x0 and two 3x0 as I am not 100% sure if she is going to be as small as Toby.

Singlet Suits- I will take two 4x0 and two 3x0.

Mittens- I will only take one pair of these as I didn't use them with Toby.

Socks- I will take a few pairs, winter is freezing!

Swaddles- I will take some blanket swaddles and a zip up one as I am terrible at wrapping swaddles!

Nappies and Wipes- pretty self explanatory!

Hats- will need these since its winter.

Going Home Outfit- God I hope it fits her!

Dummy- Toby had one but we will see if she likes it because Toby only takes one kind.

Whats in hubby's bag;

Snacks- Jarryd eats a lot so I will make sure I pack him plenty to snack on during the day.

Change of clothes- You never know what he will get on the first pair and I don't want him sitting around all dirty.

Phone and Charger- He can make all the calls afterwards.


Bring on having our next precious little family member here to complete our family.


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  4. Thanks for the post! I'm expecting in less than 4 weeks, and I have not put a bag together. Granted, we're a mile from the hospital, so it's not THAT urgent if we were to do it last minute. But there are some things you mentioned that I hadn't thought of (like nursing pads and the nipple balm).

  5. Hey I never thought about a bag for the hubby! That's a really good idea. New follower! Found you on the Aloha blog hop

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  7. I will def need this info for the future. I always hear about what to pack, what not to pack what you will need...So confusing your having a baby isnt that enough work :) Following you through the link up!

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  8. A bag for the husband is so important! THey are there with you and they need stuff too. What to pack (and not pack is so important for the mama-to-be. I even posted about it on my blog! HEre from the Fun Friday Blog Hop :)


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