Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Pregnancy insomnia VS. newborn!!

I have come to the conclusion that having little sleep due to having a newborn is 100 times better than having hardly any sleep because of being a big fat whale.

While I was pregnant I felt so completely sleep deprived that I could hardly focus on what needed to be done during each day and then you add a toddler in the mix with that and it makes you feel completely out of control!

With a newborn you sleep when you can, you are awake but actually using energy that now that you aren't making a tiny human you body is storing for the times you need it the most! 

Being a mum is all about conserving energy for times that you truly need if! Yes I feel exhausted but I also feel revitalized!

Enjoy the simple things in life and make you own happiness!

Much love xo 

Grace Myra has arrived!!

Just a quick update to welcome my beautiful baby girl into the world! 

Grace Myra!
Born at 9.12am on Saturday the 20th of July via semi elective C Section!
Weight; 7lbs15oz
Length; 52cm

I will fill in the details hopefully tomorrow but we have been home since Monday night and apart from being on a feeding plan due to her losing a little more weight than she should have we are going great guns!

We are absolutely in love with her and can't wait to watch her grow up!

Much love xo 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Week 40

Woohoo due date I'd finally here!! Sorry I'm still a week behind with my posts! 

I struggled to keep up with my blog entries with my impending baby getting closer and closer! 

On the 16th of July I asked to have a stretch and sweep done as it was my due date and I had been in early labour since the Friday before that! Talk about uncomfortable! I didn't really feel any pain but it was very unpleasant afterwards and I was so sure I would go into labour within the next 24 hours! I didn't! 

On Thursday I had another gallbladder attack and ended up in hospital with the emergency department nurse trying to tell me I was in labour!! 
I knew I wasn't!
That night ended in me going home extremely tired and frustrated! 

I felt a lot of Braxton hicks this week sometimes they were really strong and could tell the were there others were just tightenings and just made me annoyed!

I have been trying so many things to bring her on but nothing is working! 
Raspberry leaf tea,
Castor oil, 
Bouncing on the fit ball! 

Still nothing!

Bring in being a mum again!

Much love xox

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Week 39!

1 week to go and I have just realised I am a whole week behind on my posts!

I am still having a lot of problems with my gallstones and I cant wait for little miss to finally greet us so that hopefully my gallbladder settles down.

I had a stint in hospital on Friday in early labour it lasted for about 7 hours and then all of the sudden it just stopped all together.

I really haven't been doing a lot mostly playing with the horses and spending a lot of time with Toby before things change forever.

Bring on the next week!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Week 38

With 2 weeks to go I have been flat out trying to get my house ready for a newborn!
Hence why I have been so lazy and not done my update or any other posts!

I have got terrible insomnia and I am not sure if I would rather pregnancy insomnia or a newborn but I will find out what is worse soon enough.
I have been having a lot of braxton hicks but nothing ever comes of them and I always get so excited then disappointed when it isn't the real thing.

I feel like I could be mistaken for a blimp or a whale this week and I just keep expanding!

I really love feeling her move inside my tummy and boy I am going to miss them so much!


Thursday, 4 July 2013

The joys of being pregnant!!

Why do people call them the joys? 
I would much rather be sleep deprived from feeding a baby than from laying in bed contemplating weather or not I can roll myself over to go to the toilet without pulling a muscle, peeing myself before I get there or just getting puffed rolling over!

It is currently 4.15am and I am slowly starting to accept the fact that it is quite possible I may not fall back asleep at all before I need to get up!
I have a very wiggly bump (yes, that is a joy) but it is not helping me go back to sleep! 
I've woken up 3 time so far to pee and I might need to go again soon! 
I've woken up in a massive sweat (tenth time this week, so I've learnt to keep a towel handy for nights like this)!

I am going to be hell to deal with today because I haven't slept properly in about a month!

On a lighter note I can tell my body is slowly preparing for labour and that makes me feel better! 

My insomnia I think is due to the fact that I am impatient and nervous about going into labour which is making me more restless than normal!
Luck I have an 18 month old who sleeps like a dream!! 

Much love everyone xo

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Getting there slowly!

With only 14 days until my due date, I am starting to go through a lot of mixed emotions!
I forgot the feeling of complete and utter exhaustion and  frustration in the last few weeks of being pregnant!
I don't like to complain about it because I know a lot of people I hold close to me have had trouble falling pregnant so I try not to take this for granted!

I seriously feel like I cant possibly get any bigger or I might explode!

My doctor thought it was a good idea to remind me today that I only have 2 weeks and possibly 10 days to go!!! WHAT!!! You thought it was a good time to remind me about that fact today?!

My friends keep telling me how close I am getting and I feel the need to throttle them as horrible that is I just don't want to here that especially when some of them have no idea what the last few weeks of pregnancy is like!

There is the excitement of wanting to meet that little bundle.
There is the nervousness of going through labour.
There is the pure terror of having two children.

It is all extremely overwhelming!