Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Week 29

11 WEEKS TO GO!!!!

It is possibly safe to say I am starting to get really excited now, my tummy is slowly growing and I have become really protective of her!

I had to have an ultrasound on my gallbladder this week to see if I had gallstones, I do but I don't find out until next week what they will do about it, I was so lucky I had a great lady doing my ultrasound and she asked me if I knew what we were having and I replied with a girl and she confirmed it for me! She even got a profile shot and let me take it home! I was so stoked because normally they don't check the baby in that sort of ultrasound!

She is already totally perfect already and I am so in love! I know she will be just as beautiful as what her big brother is and hopefully have his amazing eyelashes as well!

My bump is still not as big as I expected it to be by now but I guess that's what you get with a different sex pregnancy though you are meant to be bigger with your second it just hasn't happened for me.
I am counting down the days until my due date and just really want it to be July already, I know that sounds crazy but I just cant wait to meet her even though it means twice the work, it also means twice the cuddles and twice the love!

We still haven't decided on a name for Bumpette! I can't believe how hard it is to come up with a name that is simple, cute and a little old fashioned that we both like! Jarryd is always coming out with names that I cant stand but I would really like to agree on one soon but we still have 11 weeks I guess.

I am currently still working but I will find out next week what I am meant to be doing with myself and if I am actually meant to be taking it easy, plus my work clothes don't actually fit, lucky I have to wear an apron because I cant do my button on my pants up.


Week 28


Only 12 more weeks?? 
Omg I am so shocked at how fast this has gone by! 

I have had such a long and emotional week and it was so nice to have my parents back home!
Over the weekend I had an all day photo shoot and then had to drag myself to an engagement party after it!

My mummy made the deal with me, that she would buy my pram for me as long as I got the pram that she wanted because it was easier for her to work if she needed to take both of the children anywhere, I was a little worried at first because she decided on the Mountain Buggy Duet but after putting it together and having a play with it I love it and am totally happy with it!

Mum also brought Bumpette her coming home outfit which I had been struggling with and it doesn't help when I wasn't sure what size to get it in! We ended up getting a pink Peter Rabbit suit in a 0000 so hopefully she isn't as small as her brother and need a 00000!

After my photo shoot I can home expecting my washing up done and house to be semi tidy, Boy was I so wrong! Instead I had boxes siting in my kitchen from where my husband had decided to "start" unpacking things that were in the shed, I found him sitting in front of the computer!
When I asked him why nothing had been done all day he replied with "I have had Toby all day". WHAT!!! I have Toby all day everyday and I still get stuff done! I went on a wild pregnant woman rant and then remembered that he hadn't stumbled through the door at 2am after being at a party! No excuses though it isn't hard to do some washing up!

This is me signing out!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Missing In Action!

First of all I would like to say a big fat sorry for being missing this past week!
My mummy got back from over seas and I have spent every waking hour with her!

I have so much to updated you all on and cant wait to start this arvo!

Until then I am going on a coffee date and then I will be back to update everyone!


Friday, 19 April 2013

Week 27

My energy has hit rock bottom this week.
I have been working myself to the point of being too run down to do anything else for the rest of the day and I cant sleep at night due to hip pain. 
I enjoy still being at work because it gives me a day to interact with different people each week and not just get bored at home but it is hard with this ever expanding belly!

I have noticed this week that my hair and nails are growing at god speed, my nails I have to cut every week as I have a horrid habit of accidentally scratching people so it is just so much easier to have no nails at all.
My hair is really due for a hair cut but I think I might wait for just before I am due so that I can feel a little human when I go to hospital.

I still stress out everyday that something might go wrong, I try to keep a positive outlook on the whole situation but until she is out I think I will always have that slight worry.
I am also just anxious to meet her but extremely nervous all at the same time! 

I had my glucose test last Thursday and I found out the results Tuesday and then I have to have an Anti-D needle on Wednesday *sulks* I hate having a needle in the bum! Oh the joy of having a negative blood type!

I am really excited for Sunday, Mummy and Daddy get back from their overseas holiday and that makes me feel so much better about everything that has been going on lately!

Yesterday I had 2ml taken out of my lapband and it has made a huge difference on my heart burn, I actually haven't had it since. I am extremely worried about putting on to much weight in the next 12 weeks though!

I am yet to start waddling (thank god) I was waddling by this time with Toby, He always sat really low and pushed on my tail bone! It was one of the most horrible painful things that happened through my pregnancy.

I have been playing bumpette some of my favorite songs today and she is loving the music and kicking about.

I haven't had much morning sickness this week which has been so nice, I hate feeling sick and not being myself. Here's hoping it is going to stay away now because it  really takes a lot out of you energy wise!

I am still really enjoying (yes, I did say enjoying!!) cleaning my house, I vacuum about 3 times a week and I am trying to keep on top of all my house work so I am not overrun when I finally have Bumpette, I like everything done a certain way so I don't want to leave it up to Jarryd.


Friday, 12 April 2013

Who to have as your support person/people and why it's important!

One of the first question's family seem to ask you when you announce your pregnancy is who are you going to have in the birthing suite with you, My answer is always simple, My Husband and that's all! They ask why I am not having my Mum in there, another simple answer, She wouldn't cope with seeing me in that sort of pain unless she really had too.

It got me thinking about how to choose the people you want to support you.
Being my second pregnancy I kind of know what to expect this time around in the labour room but with saying that every pregnancy is different and this time I don't need to have the doctor in my room the whole time as I am on the low risk scale.
You can't prepare yourself for any complications that might occur during labour but you can have someone there that you know will be your biggest support during that scary yet beautiful experience that not everyone is lucky enough to go through.

My list of things to think about when I was choosing who to have with me was:

  • Who will support me and my wishes the best?
  • Who will listen and do what I ask them?
  • Who will be able to reassure me when I start to fall apart?
  • Who will encourage me and tell me I am doing a good job?
  • Who will not freak out when I start to push?
  • Who will put up with my choice to have the epidural when I said I wanted drug free?
  • Who will be able to read my needs without me yelling at them?  
That is just a few of the criteria (I guess that's what you call it) that I thought about when I was deciding if I would ask my Mum or if I would just have my Husband! 
Later on Jarryd and I decided that we want this all to be about us and only have the two of us in the birthing room with the professionals, this was a very important time for us in our lives, It's not every day that you get to welcome your first born child into the world.

a few hours old

I now know why I made the decision I did and I am so grateful that Jarryd knew me well enough to know not to disagree with me or talk to me when I was having contractions.
He knew what my wishes were and agreed with all of them, we talked about how long we wanted to spend with our child before we called my parents to tell them it was ok for them to come up.
Toby was born at 7.52pm and Mum and Dad wait until 10pm to come and visit their first grandchild, Dad had managed to send a message to 40 people by 8pm to let everyone know that he had a grandson.

A few days old
This time around I asked Mum if she wanted to come and be in the room with Baby #2, she declined my offer as she didn't think she could see me in that sort of pain being her "little girl" 
Once again it will be Jarryd and I, I am completely at ease with that and will have the best support I know and it will be another special family moment for us!

Shopping isn't so fun anymore.

I FINALLY dragged myself into town to start buying a few little things for our pending little princess.

I found very few things that I wanted to spend my money on, like I find things I want but I just cant afford everything so I don't buy anything!
I did however buy a gorgeous furry pink beanie from Pumpkin Patch I just couldn't leave it there and they had a sale on! I sneakily got Toby a warm winter beanie as well!

This is so cute!

I also got a few bigger suits for next summer and cute little shorts (that I will most likely hate by the time summer comes back).

I can't go shopping without buying my little man some new clothes and I think that is all I brought!! I swear I just adore all the clothes that are in for boys this season with the cute puffer jackets and the gorgeous colours!
The girl clothes are a completely different story, you have a choice of Pink or Purple (I hate Purple so much) and there is just nothing that jumps out and say's 'take me home'.

I have found a few cute items on various facebook pages but haven't made the commitment to buy any of them just in case she is actually a he!

I did buy a huge bulk lot of second hand size 000 girls clothes off of facebook and everything was in excellent condition so I was extremely happy with it and after only paying $30 for it and I think it had about 10 wondersuits in it ready for my winter baby :) 

I love these zip up wondersuits that bonds has, the zip it so much easier to use than all the press studs! I hate trying to do press studs when you have a wiggly little baby (or toddler for that matter) and with the zip there are no holes where the cold air can get through!

I am looking forward to starting on my own hair bows instead of buying them I have found so many that I like but it is so much more satisfying to make your own when you can! It also works out a lot cheaper!
When I start working on them (most likely when I start maternity leave) I will post some of my own creations!

Cute Princess Hair Bow.

If anyone has some cute websites that they like to shop on for their baby clothes please send them through as I am always on the look out for new places and inspiration.

Love and Happiness,

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Week 26

14 weeks to go!

It is all getting so close! Soon I will no longer be Mum of one, I will be Mum of two under two!
I worry myself everyday about how much nesting I am doing, I am always cleaning something and yesterday I found myself on my hands a knees scrubbing at small marks on the carpet! (advice: no matter how good of idea it seems at the time never put black carpet in your house! It show's every little mark)

This week has been very draining on my body and my hips are finally starting to break down from the pressure of working and I am the normally the last to admit that I have been pushing myself way to hard during this pregnancy, I am starting to find it hard to lift up my 15 month old out of his cot.

Toby and I are having a quiet day watching kiddie movies and t.v shows, he is trying to help me type this as well!

As you can see from the above picture pregnancy is doing nothing at all for my skin or hair! 
My hair is dull and lifeless and my skin breaks out all the time!
The best part about being pregnant this time is possibly knowing that I have a person growing inside of me!

I am slowly starting to get  really over this pregnancy and just want it to be over finally, Please don't take that as me being ungrateful because I truly feel blessed that I have such a precious family surrounding me but I think I am just so excited to have a new family member.

I am still debating with myself if I should pack my hospital bags just so I know that it is done and then it is one less thing that I have to worry about or worse, get Jarryd to do in a mad rush.

I am still very worried about the doctors letting me go into labour naturally this time mostly because I don't know what to expect, with being induced they talk you through every step that they take.
Oh I am also worried my waters are going to break in a public place and I will freak out and feel the need to clean up the mess my waters make (yes I know how stupid that sounds)

I made Toby a book box and it also has some small toys in it so that he doesn't feel the need to grab all of his big toys out, Thinking that would make less mess for me to clean up when he goes down for a nap, Boy was I wrong! 
He pulls them all out and spreads the across the lounge room and I find myself picking them up multiple times a day just so it doesn't look messy and so I don't trip over and hurt myself.

I really wish this heartburn would ease up but I have decided that's just wishful thinking on my account! I am however getting fluid removed from my lap band just so I can see if that helps.

For the last few days my morning sickness has returned and I am really hoping it isn't here to stay because between that and Toby not being 100% this week we have both been struggling.
The best part about us both being sick has been that we have both wanted lots of snugly cuddles to the point where Tobes has fallen asleep in my arm's a few times.

Bumpette remains nameless and as yet Jarryd and I haven't really discussed it! So if you have any cute girls names that you think may suit our family please throw them my way.
I really like the names Lucy and Grace but Jarryd isn't sold on either of them.

Much love and happiness to all my followers,

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Week 25

I have aching parts that I didn't even know would ache,
I cant walk very far without huffing and puffing like I am a contestant off "The Biggest Loser" but while they are working out not just in an everyday situation.
Every night I try so hard to stop drinking by 7pm so that I can empty my bladder and don't have to get up during the night, it doesn't work.

I have stopped sleeping properly through the night and started that light sleep that you get when you have a newborn.
It is horrible because my 15 month old sleeps right through the night and I don't!

My boobs are always sore, they are getting huge as well, have gone up one cup size and may almost be time to go up another, my favorite time of day is when I don't have to wear a bra at all (I know bad image)!
My Lady parts are feeling swollen and it always aches when I have to walk or stand for long periods of time, apparently it is more common with the second child because all your muscles are loose already.

I have been trying so hard to start getting some clothes for bub, mostly I sorted through all the neutral things I had left from Toby but I have also brought some pink things.
Shopping for a girl is extremely hard and confusing to me, I don't like any of the horrible clothes that are in fashion for girls this season yet the boy things are absolutely gorgeous and I have stocked up on clothes for Toby.

My belly is getting quite impressive now and I am happy to flaunt it as well!

I have no pregnancy style going on what so ever, I am all about comfort so I'm sorry!!