Sunday, 31 March 2013

Week 24 (snore)

If you read "snore" you read right! Apparently I have been snoring really loud!! (poor hubby)

Plus I just wish this pregnancy was over already, I want to be able to go through the whole night without needing to pee (or even think about needing to pee)! I want to meet our little girl and I want to be able to start riding my horses again!

I have had Jarryd home for the Easter long weekend and he is slowly starting to drive me nuts, he plays video games all day and then from about 2pm onwards he also drinks beer! seriously go and do something slightly more productive with your day!

I have been so tired this last week I sometimes find it hard to keep my eyes open, I have been falling asleep as soon as I put Toby down for a nap! It works in well as I get a good 3 hours rest and then I am ready do go again but I have never slept when  he has because I have never been tired enough too but it really is nice to just lay back and crash on  the couch.

I have been nesting big time this week, cleaning everything and then cleaning it again! Cooking massive amounts of food and freezing them, I am not sure why but I just have this need to do it.

I have been thinking about painting the nursery grey instead of keeping it green but then I have to have Toby sleep in our room for a few days while we paint and get the fumes out and none of us sleep very well all in the same room.

My Parents have gone on an adventure for three week to Vietnam and I am missing them like crazy ( I wont admit that they only left 2 nights ago).
My Mum is my rock, she keeps my stress down and help out when I need it and even cooks tea when I get myself to run down.
She wont be back until the end of April and it feels like forever!

We had such an enjoyable Easter!
I made ham and cheese croissants for Jarryd, Jess, Toby and I and then Jess made a potato bake and homemade hamburgers for tea! It was so good!
Jess is house/pet sitting for Mum and Dad while they are away.

My heartburn is still really bad but the midwives have given me a prescription to get some tablets and told me to get some fluid taken out of my lapband so hopefully that helps a little!
They also noticed that my liver function was high so I am due for more blood tests in two weeks but they think my gallbladder may be playing up slightly.

That it for me tonight.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Recently around I have been reading comments and posts about different cafe's/business's being quite rude to breastfeeding mothers.
Asking a mother to cover up or go into a restroom is not only rude but it is unacceptable!
Unfortunately it is something that happens only to often, some business owners and staff are uneducated but others are just plain ignorant!

I was always avoiding going out so I didn't have to breastfeed in public and it was possibly one of the stupidest things I ever did! 
I hated being at home all the time and I got very uptight about breastfeeding when I had to.
My milk dried up and I lasted until Toby was 6 weeks and had to stop.

As a mother instead of doing something that is one of the most natural things in the world, I let how others would perceive it, dictate how I felt about it.

It is upsetting to see how many people don't support the breastfeeding mother, the comments that have been said on these issues by not only mothers who have more than likely never breastfeed a day in their life but also by fathers that explain that their partner never breastfed in public so why should anyone else or to go and sit in a toilet, ARE YOU FOR REAL?! why don't you go and eat your meal in the toilet you ignorant little twerp!!

Would you rather have a screaming hungry child near you in a cafe or restaurant or a happy quiet baby happily feeding?
Breastfeeding doesn't mean a woman getting her boob's out for everyone to see, It doesn't mean you have to sit there and watch and it also doesn't mean you have to do it when you have children.

We need to start supporting each other more, even though I know that this is a personal choice but people are starting to have children younger and younger every year and a huge percentage of these girls are not breastfeeding because they aren't educating us enough.
I went to a breastfeeding clinic but even with going to that I didn't feel confident enough to do it, Hell, I didn't feel confident breastfeeding for over a week after my son was born.

I am making a promise to myself and my unborn daughter that this time I will try harder, I will seek the right help when/if I need it and I wont let what other people think dictate what is a perfectly natural thing.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Week (hang on I need to pee) 23!!

My poor old bladder is starting to get squished! I cant actually believe I just said my "old" bladder but seriously I feel like I have incontinence issues! Thank god for panty liners as its getting to the point where I sneeze, laugh, cough or with morning sickness I pee a little!! Sorry I know to much information but I am just letting my non mummy followers the joys of having children!
It's not all bad though, You get that joy of knowing you are superior to men and can grow a precious little being!

I am starting to notice that my size 12 jeans are getting slightly tight (boohoo) everything else though is fitting reasonably well.
I have been trying not to buy many (if any) girls clothing as I am so worried that bumpette is going to come out a little bumper.

This pregnancy seems to be quite cruisey and I am enjoying most of it even though its a lot more to the book that my pregnancy with Toby.
I have already gone up a cup size and am thinking I will need to go up another buy the time my milk comes in when I have her.

I have a few photo shoots coming up in the near future as well as the timeline shoot I am working on I cant wait to share them all with you! I know that my family is complete with this baby so Jarryd and I have made the decision that we wont be having anymore after this one.

I have a lot of people I know having trouble falling pregnant, some are trying for their first, others are trying for a second or third, some have even started going through IVF.
My heart and prayers really go out to them as I cant even imagine how stressful and taxing this time just be for them.
I hope that they get their bundles of joy soon.


Preparing for Bumpette

Most people wouldn't believe that this is indeed my second child.

I have already started stressing over the smallest things, what to pack in my (stupid) hospital bags, what I need to double up on, what clothes to buy (seriously what if it's a boy), what do I buy new and what can I get away with second hand?

I Have in my mind exactly how I want everything but trying to bring my thought into actions is... not going to well.
I only have one bedroom to work with for a few years so I have been on pinterest finding cute space saving ideas.

The Nursery Now.

What you cant see in the picture is the second tall boy and another toy chest.
I am thinking I might repaint the green wall either a lighter green or to match the other walls with the same colour and put some decals up.

Some of the things that I have been worrying about are all pretty much things that I already know what to do.
What pram do I buy?
Do I buy another cot or a toddler bed?
How do I split up the room so it suits a boy and a girl?

Pinterest is brilliant for cute nursery ideas and I love finding cute things on there that I want to try.


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Week 22

What a boring old week!
I'm tired and can't wait to get home, I have had a bawl in Sydney but my gosh I am ready to sleep in my own bed and have my own space back!

I haven't had to many problems this week only being tired and some hip and back pain, I have to go in and have extra blood tests on Monday to make sure those levels that were high in my last test have gone back down.

Poor Toby has been cutting his molars and I didn't even realise! He had a very high temperature and was a little grizzly for a couple of day but seems fine now!

Im laying on the couch while Jarryd's nan is cooking baked potatoes, I hopefully have packed everything and the car will be here to pick us up at 2.30 to take us to the airport YAY!!

The little princess has been kicking heaps and I really enjoy feeling her move around!

I will update a lot more when I get home its just been to hard to do it off my phone for the last few weeks!

Much love xo

Friday, 8 March 2013

Week 21

Boy have I been over doing myself while we have been on holiday!

I'm aching all over!
My back is possibly the worst at the moment, followed with my hips in a close second!

We have been running all over Sydney and eating a lot of nice food!

The little bumpette has been kicking and moving a lot more it's so nice to feel a little person growing inside me!

Last night I had an extreme case of reflux and I ended up getting rushed to hospital as I had terrible chest pain and started throwing up!
You can never be to careful whilst you are pregnant, luckily it slowly settled and after a long wait for blood results I was allowed home with the condition of getting follow up bloods done when I get home because something was slightly elevated.

I am starting to get tired a lot faster than I am used to but it could be the fact that I have made myself to run down with all the sight seeing.

Even though we know we are having a girl I haven't yet gone out to buy girl clothes as I am slightly cautious that it was a little boy even though they were 99.9% sure it was a girl!

I think I will probably get more excited once we finally pick out our name for the little bumpette!