Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dear Pregnant Self

Your morning sickness wont last forever, I promise! 9 months out of your life isn't to hard to put up with when you think about the outcome!
Your sore boobs may last longer than your morning sickness but look at how huge they are now! You wont ever need that boob job you always talked about now!
You are going to put on weight! It wouldn't be healthy if you didn't! Remember you can lose that after they are born!

Yes, I know you need to pee every 20 minutes! Sometimes you may even pee a little when you laugh, sneeze or cough and as embarrassing as it may be at the time it happens to the best of us!

Things are going to ache! Hips, ligaments, joints and muscles! These aches can be horrible and they may hit you at anytime of day but hey you ARE making a baby!

You will crave random food and you may not like certain foods anymore but that is ok because your body is just trying to tell you what it needs but try to lay off the salt!

You will miss getting kicked in the ribs! Even when it hurts so bad that you think it may have just snapped clean in half!

You are not the only one that needs a crane to help you roll over in the middle of the night so that you can attempt to get up to pee for the 3rd time since going to bed!

That packet of biscuits that you just ate for tea is totally acceptable as a meal and don't listen to people that try to tell you any differently!

Chocolate is now a food group (maybe not a healthy one though)

Running around after a toddler is classed as exercise and a high intensity one at that!

You will cry over stupid things! Kittens, movies, stories and food!

People will make you feel like crap, don't listen to them!

You might get really angry with how stupid people are! It may make you yell at times but let people know you don't mean to take it out on them you just have way to many hormones running through your body at the moment!

You will buy so many clothes for the baby that you probably don't really need, I know you don't mean to but your husband wont see it that way so just smile and say you are sorry every time he complains about it!

People will say when you tell them how far along you are "OMG you are huge!" Just smile and remember that you are getting close to your due date and soon people wont say that anymore and you will more than likely say it to someone else!

Don't take your pregnancy for granted! There are people out there that are desperate for a child but cant for any reason have them!

Labour will be over before you know it! Yes, it is going to hurt but just remember you get to hold your little girl at the end of it all!

Remember to love every moment of this pregnancy because once it is over you will miss it!



  1. heck i'm not evne pregnant and I cry over stupid things.

  2. So true!! jijiji! I was the same. Thanks for sharing!


"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"