Thursday, 23 May 2013

When my baby #2 journey started

I remember the days leading up to me finding out so clearly, Thursday I was preparing two horses for a horse show that my mum and I were competing in the next day, Friday we competed all day in the pouring rain and when we got home I got a phone call from my local radio station telling me I had won a competition to "relive my hen's night" and had to rally up 15 girl friends for a night out on a party bus and 5 different pub stops plus free drink (If you cant tell by now, we weren't trying for another child).
Saturday night was a blast but after a few too many cocktails I was ready to go home and fall asleep but before I could do that the girls and I though it was a great idea to grab a kebab, that was the first time I threw up.
Sunday morning I got my first ever hang over and spent the day laying on the couch and running to the bathroom.
My bestfriend came over with the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting"! She then laughed at me while I bawled my eye's out through the whole movie, I told her she didn't understand because she didn't have a child!

I was still extremely sick on Monday and couldn't drag myself around to chase after my crawling son, I felt awful and had no energy what so ever.
I don't even know what made me think I could be pregnant because I was on the pill and am always on time when I take it but I found the box of home pregnancy tests in the back of the bathroom cabinet, pee'd on the stick and waited!

My head was swimming and once again I was sick!

I was faced with two bright pink lines! Positive!

My first reaction was to burst into tears! I felt terrible, I couldn't believe I had been so irresponsible and went out drinking on the weekend!
I rang my husband and he came straight home to come with me to the doctor to confirm the results, the doctor asked me if I had changed pill types or the brand I had been taking when I thought about it, I had changed brands without even giving it a second though!
He referred me to have a dating scan to see how far along I was but I was sure I was only about 5 weeks along.

For day's I cried on and off,
Not because I didn't want her but because I was just so disappointed with the amount of alcohol I had consumed just days before, what if I had cause damage to her!

I am happy that my daughter is happy and healthy in there and hopefully has no health risks later on .

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