Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Week 31


Yep that's correct, only 9 weeks until I am due, that means 63 days!

What needs to be done in these 63 day? So much that it makes my head close to exploding!

I want to pack away some of Toby's toys that I can rotate instead of having them all spread out around his bedroom and the family room.
I want to scrub the house from one end to the other and make sure everything is clean for bumpette.
I want to make sure that the bassinet is clean and set up and also the capsule for the car needs to be clean and ready to be put in the car at 36 weeks.
I want to make sure everything is washed and packed away for everyone.
That is just a small list of things that I need to start doing.

I have noticed that my attention span has started to walk out the door this week, I get bored really easy and sometimes can't focus on what people a whining about!
Also, my temper this week has been crazy, so many people are getting on my nerves just for saying stupid or rude things, It might be time to lock myself up and become a hermit until she is born.

As you may have noticed I am still referring to her as "bumpette" or "she"! Yep still no name, we can't agree so we are waiting until something jumps out at us.
I hate waiting to know what we are going to call her as I just want to call her by her name!

I have been procrastinating where my labour bags are concerned! I think it all comes back to my lack of attention, the idea of sitting down and making sure its all packed bores me to tears!

Since I am on maternity leave I have been trying to do a few more things for myself and today my Aunty treated me to a hair treatment at the hair salon and boy it was nice to sit there and relax while I was pampered!
I dyed my hair and I think I may book myself in for a pedicure for next week! 



  1. Hi i found your blog through one of the blog hops and i'm so glad i did! congrats on the almost newest member of your cute wee family! can't wait to read more :)

  2. I'm almost 31 weeks in my pregnancy too (on Sunday I will be) I have a lot of stuff to do before the babies arrive as well, but I only have 40 more days left, time is going too fast lol
    She Turned Her Dreams Into Plans

  3. Glad you got some nice pampering in :) You should definitely go get that pedicure! And seriously - cutest baby bump, ever.

  4. Wow, for a bump that started out so little.. It's just blossemed!!


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