Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Week 30

10 more weeks everyone!!
Well she could come early but I highly doubt it, I think she is quite comfortable where she is!

I am exhausted! I have huge puffy bags under my eyes that almost make me look like I have been in a fist fight!
My Husband is driving me insane! For no reason in particular he is just annoying and I can't help but be extremely grumpy with him (for mostly no good reason) as soon as he gets home from work! Yes I am a total nightmare to live with so I feel extremely sorry for him!

My poor brain is fried, I can't seem so keep myself on track this week!
I have been totally lazy and not kept up with my washing so I am now paying for that! there is always something to wash and I hate it!

I have been put on light house duties and bed rest by my GP because on Monday my bump "dropped" quite a lot (see above) and I was finding it every difficult to walk as well had a noticeable amount of swelling "down there"!! I didn't realise how hard it would be to be on bed rest with a toddler but it is now on my list of things I never want to go through again!

I went and seen the midwives and told them about what had been going on, they didn't seem to worried about it and didn't even talk about my gallstones, so that might be something that I have to bring up with my GP when I go back to see them.
Bumpette was measuring right on track hopefully she is as small as Toby when he was born, that was a good size even though he was still short and in a 5x0 weighing 8lbs!

One of my lovely friends came over yesterday with a present for Bumpette and a lovely bunch of flowers for me! 
She sure knows how to make me feel better when I am not quite 100% happy 


  1. OH wow!! I can't imagine bed rest with a toddler! Good luck and take it easy! :)


  2. You look so gorgeous! Cutest bump ever

  3. Good luck with everything!! New follower here from the Friday Blog Hop and The Second Thought ( :)


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