Sunday, 23 September 2012

Oh No You Didn't...

I don't know how many of live in places where religious people come around a knock on your door trying to recruit you to join their church,
Well I do.
I had always wondered why they had never come and knocked on the door of our gorgeous newly built house, but knocked on the neighbors.
Last Friday I decided to find out what was wrong with our house, 
So I wandered out, climbed through our front fence, introduced myself and asked why they never knocked on our door!?
 Their replied with "oh we didn't want to get bitten by your electric fence"
I replied with a simple "Ok Have a lovely day" and climbed back through the fence and went back inside.
Now let me explain.
My front fence if not electrified, though it is made out of electric wire to trick my horses if for some reason they get away from me or get out of their paddock.
 I do not go to church but had always seen them walk straight past our house and found myself extremely curious as to why.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How to make...

Satin Flowers!

What you need..
A pair of sharp scissors.
  A cigarette lighter
A hot glue gun
 Scrap satin material

Ok now that you have everything you need lets start making a Satin Flower.

Step One: Cut out rough circles from largest to smallest.

Step Two: Burn around the edges of each circle letting the top side of the material flop down ways so it curls up to make the flower like shape.
Repeat until all circles are done

Note; Burning the edges stops fraying and turns the edges.

You should now have circles looking like this

Step Three: Using your hot glue gun, glue each circle together (be careful not to burn your self) 
from Largest to smallest.
Now you will have a flower.

To add something a little extra to finish off your Satin Flower you can add beads, diamantes or anything that takes your fancy.

Note; To make into a hair clip/band or brooch I use sticky backed felt as a stabilizer

If you have any problems please feel free to contact me on here.
Or at

Monday, 17 September 2012

Is it bed time yet?

I have honestly had one of those horrid days where I am on the brink of thinking I am crazy!

First of all I woke up standing outside in my leopard print PJ's, bare foot and yelling at the horse not to jump out of his paddock! Yep, I had slept walked for the first time in years and had a dream that my pony was clearing the fences!

Maybe it is all "The Walking Dead" Jarryd and I have been watching right before bed.

Second I slipped down the stairs, Thank God I wasn't carrying Toby because I don't know if I would have dropped him or not.

I did however go for a nice walk this morning to get some fresh air before the rain came.

I swear if I don't get some proper sleep I might just be going nuts

Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Post Natal Journey

Would like to write a small update about my journey.

I smile more!
I laugh a lot!
I spend more time with my son!
I hug my husband when he gets home!
I work harder!
I visit friends!
I actually leave the house!

Life feels slightly more exciting than what it did a few months ago!

Thank you everyone who has given me support in my time of need.

Babies On My Brain!

I swear I may have lost my mind these last few weeks!

All I can seem to think about it everything baby!

Baby names, Baby clothes and every time I see a baby I may as well be a chicken I am that clucky!

I love my little cheeky monster child!

I really would love another cheeky boy but it doesn't stop me from wanting a little girl to have every thing frilly and pink!

By the way we aren't "Trying or Pregnant".

I have been enjoying the time I get to spend with my family more and more each day.

My Crafty Outlet :)

I live to be creative and crafty!

I try to learn new skills all the time :)

I have decided on the request of a lot of people to do a few photo demos.

Today I will be doing my favorite satin flowers!

They are so cute and look gorgeous on hair clips and bands!

Here are some of my funky dummy clips I've made!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Love Of My Life

Clucky Hormonal Crazy Lady Online

Yes you read correctly I, Jay, the one that was only having one child to spoil rotten is CLUCKY!

As you can imagine it has come as quite a shock to even write it down but every time I look at my little man I cant help but feel the need to add to the family!

I have been keeping up with a friends blog Becoming Mummy and just reading her weekly updates makes my heart swim with those strange clucky hormones you get right before you set your mind on wanting a baby.

Unfortunately for me, it's just not the right time to add to the brood!
I have a precious 8 month old, a house to save for and 3 horses to show this season!

I love being a mum more than I ever though I would, considering I was never having children!

How could I not love it?


Monday, 10 September 2012

A weekend of parties!

As some of you might know it was my birthday on Friday!
I'm now past my partying prime at 22yo (Haha)

Friday night I had my birthday party at my favorite Chinese Restaurant surrounded my 25 of my closest friends and family, Including my little monster child.

Saturday night was spent at my best friends engagement party!
She's marrying my husbands best friend!
I haven't seen so much food in my life! Or Jelly shots!

Sunday was a very special friends little boy's 1st Birthday!
I happen to share the same birthday so I will never forget it!
Toby loved the party food and by the time I got to the party he was ready to sleep.

Hopefully we get to have a weekend to ourselves this week :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Boy or Girl

After having a super precious little boy I often think about what I would want for my second Child.

Another precious little boy to play with Toby and be a best friend, Or a beautiful baby girl to make it one of each.

I knew from the day I was pregnant that I was having a boy but it didn't stop me from having my hopes set on a girl.

Today I decided to read up on everyone's advice on conceiving a Girl!

Will it actually work though and does it make those mum's set on having a girl disappointed when it doesn't work.

They suggest when to have sex, changing the diet, change of temperature and all this other random rubbish!

Who believes these things actually work or do you, like me think its just the luck of the draw? 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Wow I'm 22 today!

My oh my!

So much has happened in the past year.

This time last year I was pregnant with my gorgeous Son

This year I am spending the day in my PJ's with my very special 8 month old

I wonder where I will be next year!

Will I be a Mum of only one? Maybe I will be pregnant with Baby #2!  Maybe I will have decided to only have one.

I love my precious family and I'm so stoked that I get to spend the whole day together with him.