Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Week 20

Yay yay yay we are half way!!

Boy are be flying along now!

It still isn't soaking in that we are having a little girl (if she doesn't come out a boy lol)
I haven't brought her a thing it's easier to just save the money, salvage what I can from Toby's clothes and even upcycle some of them so when I do that I will post it on here.

We live for Sydney first thing in the morning so most of my posts may be slightly boring for the next couple of weeks as will be updating from my phone.
I will try and upload some photos while we are over there (once I know how too)

Pregnancy has been pretty breezey but my blood pressure has slowly been rising so now that is something I need to keep an eye on.
Morning sickness is coming and going but it's not to bad.
I can't eat anything with tomato in it without getting horrible heartburn.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Week 19 and it's a...

Week 19 is here and almost gone already.
I feel good and haven't really had any serious issue's apart from the horrible heart burn and still a little bit of nausea.

We had our ultrasound on Tuesday, everything looked absolutely perfect and we had a great  heart rate.

I am also stoked to announce that we are joining TEAM PINK!
That's right we are expecting a little girl to add to our family!
Jarryd and I are both really excited for the next 21 weeks to fly by so we can meet her.

We are currently arguing over names and the way we are going she will be 'no name' Holmes he whole life!

I am excited that I will no longer be out numbered by boys in my house.

I cant wait to do some shopping while we are in Sydney next week.
Actually it will be more rest and relaxation for us being our last holiday before Jellybean is born.


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Week 18


Is that all? Only 18 weeks pregnant?
I don't really feel pregnant, If I didn't need to pee every 5 minutes, still feeling sick and buggered all the time you would think I'd just stacked on a a few kilo's.

If anyone needs to find me they normally just need to look on the couch, that's where they will find me having a lovely nanna nap while my little man sleeps.

My bump still hasn't grown, maybe a tiny bit but not what I expected when everyone told me that I would be bigger the second time around.
That isn't the case at all with my second pregnancy.
Maybe it could be a girl this time.
We had our ultrasound moved up a week so now it is this coming Tuesday at 4pm.
I think that will be my most exciting day next week.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Who let you out of the house?

Yesterday was one of those stupid weather days, it was windy, it rained but sometimes it was sunny.
Yet, everyone walking up the street was dressed like it was the middle of summer.

Some of these girls were dressed in shorts that were extremely short with small boobtubes,
One girl stood out to me a lot, she way wearing a tight pink club dress, carrying her school books but the dress didn't even cover the bottom of her butt cheeks!
Seriously, do these people actually own mirrors?

Recently there has also been so many little girls dressing up in skimpy clothes that girls from 8-14 shouldn't even be wearing, short shorts, heels, boobtubes, crop tops and so many other terrible clothes that they shouldn't be wearing in public.
Call me old fashioned, but parents shouldn't be letting their babies out of the house dressed like that.

I know a lot of mums will disagree with me but I find it strange seeing young children trying to be grown up before they need to.
I grew up in a house where I was always allowed to wear the latest fashions but my Mum always made me to it in a tasteful way and the fact that I was a chubby kid I never had the self confidence to even try to wear a mini skirt.

I know that our Tweens want to keep up with our latest fashions but isn't there a way to do it without having to see a 9yo walking up the street with hot pants and crop tops, fair enough if you are at the beach but not chilling out in the mall.

As a Mum when are you meant to start letting your child start making their own choices when it comes to what they wear and where they wear it?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Creative ways to play.

I find that Toby get easily bored, so we decided to pull out the pots and pans to have some loud playtime! 
Would you believe it took him a long time to get used to the banging and clanging but he understood how to use the spoons how to hit things right away.

He had such a great time banging them and them pushed them all the way aroun the kitchen,
I can't wait to start doing some arts and crafts with him and I really enjoy our one on one time.
I need to start coming up with a list of things that Toby and I can do once the baby comes so that he doesn't feel like he is getting left out.

I would love any ideas that other people do with their toddlers.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Trying to be a 'good' housewife

This morning I woke up to my husbands alarm going off, Normally I don't even wake up to it.
I decided I should probably do the good wife thing and go and make him some lunch.
For those of you that know me, I was never made to be a house wife, I am happier to head out and spend time with the horses, Playing with Toby or Blogging.

Yesterday while I was at the local store I grabbed Jarryd some things to make salad sandwiches, Normally he takes left overs from the night earlier but because I didn't make up a bulk pasta like normal I thought a better grab him some sandwich feelings.

My fillings were really boring Baby cos lettuce, tomato, cheese, ham and mayo.
I knew he would complain about it when he got to work so I slipped him a can of baked beans so he wasn't hungry later on.
You can imagine the shock I got when I received a message from him at morning tea saying how amazing they were and that he wants them everyday!
So of I go back to the store to stock up on some eggs and more salad to make them a little more interesting.

Tomorrow I am going to try and make them a tad more exciting because to me these look extremely boring but I do like all the colour in them.

I might even go make myself one now.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

I survived..

My first ever hens party.

Wow I have not laughed (maybe more an awkward giggle) so much in my life.

Being pregnant I decided I would only go out for tea and not follow the rowdy hens to town, but even with that I didn't end up getting home until almost 10pm.
Yes I know, WHAT A NANNA!!

After being the first to turn up I sat at the bar and sipped on a 'Virgin' coke (the girls had a great time teasing me for not drinking until they realised I was pregnant) when every one arrived I was passed my 'penis straw' and I drank from it with pride.
We all went into the restaurants VIP room, I really should have known there was something going on as soon as I noticed the windows had been blacked out but it didn't click.

Right as I was finishing my dinner one of the girls slipped out and that was when I knew that I was about to see my first ever stripper. (OMG I am way to sober for this)
In walks the girl with a CD player followed by a hot guy dressed up as a fireman! Ekk look at his muscles!
Living in Tasmania we have a very small selection of strippers, well so I have heard.
So for Tassie standards this one was HOT!
His routine involved whipped cream and bananas, I can still smell the whipped cream 24 hours later and after 2 showers. (BTW I don't even like whipped cream)
After he was done he was great and posed with us for kinky photos.

After we had finished at the restaurant I went home. (still laughing about my early departure)
I am normally the one stumbling in at 5am, eating a kebab that I spent my taxi money on but being a mum of almost 2 I am starting to grow up.

When I walked into my lounge room Toby was laying on the couch with my parents watching 'City Slickers'.
Poor Jarryd had gotten a call out and was out fixing windows.

I had a blast at my first hens party and it gave me a lot of ideas as I am planning a hens party for my best friend.
I will be getting her a stripper (that's for sure)


Friday, 8 February 2013

Is there an easy way to ask this question?

Was your baby planned?

The amount of times I have been asked this question in the last 17 week has blown my mind and to be honest I find it down right rude!

My first pregnancy was planned, 
This one however was one of the biggest shocks of my life, I don't regret it for even one second, though I do regret going out 2 nights before I found out.

With all the times I've been asked it got me thinking,
Is there a better way to ask a person this question or do you wait until they openly say something to you. 

The worst offender came up to me with "I heard you got yourself knocked up, again, I'm guessing it wasn't planned"
After I scraped myself up off the floor I replied with a simple "I guess I'm just very fertile"
What else do you say in that situation? Especially when its in a public place.
I went home that night and cried for over an hour with my husband fuming about how horrible someone could be.

I also receive the "I'm sorry but I have to ask, was this one planned? They are awfully close together"
Yes, they are close together but why does it even matter if we planned it?

I can't think of a nice way to even approach this subject if it was me asking someone else so for me I wouldn't, if they wanted to bring it up in conversation they would do so on their own account.

I believe I am a very open person but I think there are some questions that should only be asked by close family and if you want to share it then it's your own choice.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Week 17


Getting close to half way (finally)

I slowly (very slowly) starting to get a belly, I mean with Toby I was slightly huge by 17 weeks. 

17 weeks pregnant with Toby.

 This one has really thrown me off about what I am having, I think its a girl but I'm not sure if I have just talked myself into thinking that's what I want.

17 weeks with Jellybean

Don't get me wrong I am happy with either sex, But surely I am allowed to want a precious little girl.
I woke up a few days ago with nasty morning sickness again 5am and laying in bed with that horrid watery mouth! Not my perfect way to wake up.
I have been looking out for random maternity shoot ideas for when I hit about 30 weeks I really want to do something quirky and fun but I will keep looking.

I have tried my luck at drinking green tea, I am still not keen on it but it has to be better for me than drinking coke.
My food love hasn't really changed, I love chocolate still and have recently discovered white chocolate ice magic. (OMG AMAZING)
I have really been enjoying apricot chicken with mashed potato, I could seriously eat it all day.

A Little About Toby

 Being pregnant and having a toddler is nothing like I imagined it to be,
Toby has been reasonably easy to do things with apart from when he had the runs and his horrible nappy was so painful that he would hysterically scream everytime I had to change his nappy, And at the moment trying to put him down to sleep results in him screaming the house down as soon as he see's where he is going, today he refused to sleep any longer than a hour and he ended up falling asleep in his jumperroo.

Finally Crashed.
As I sit her typing this I am being joyed by Jellybean giving me small little kicks that I can only just feel.

Today is Mine and Jarryd 2nd wedding anniversary, we aren't doing anything until we get back from our Holiday to Sydney then Jarryd is planning a surprise weekend away and I'm not allowed to know what he's planning! Did I mention I hate Surprises!