Friday, 28 December 2012

You have got to be joking!!!

I write this as a mother of an 11 month old and 11 week old bump.
It is fair to say my mind is absolutely blown to say the least!

US Teachers are flocking to gun training sessions!? 

As a mother with a non school aged child I am shocked that they are even considering letting teachers carry guns around at what is meant to be a safe place for children.
Unfortunately we cant predict and stop every shooting but giving teachers a gun to take in a learning environment, What is that meant to teach young children? That it is ok to carry a gun around to prevent what could happen? 
Are they teaching our babies that it is ok to carry a gun around?

There is NO way my child would ever attend a school where a teacher is allowed to carry a gun in a class room.
 What happens when the teacher has a nervous break down or is somewhat unhinged and decides to go and do what they are taught to prevent? Is it up to another teacher to go and attempt to disarm the other?

School shootings, actually shooting in general need to be stopped but it's not something that is as simple as that, There will always be crazy/sick people out there who have means of getting guns, making bombs, using knives and so many other means to hurt people but why give out more guns when instead we should be making it harder to obtain them! Why does a teacher need to carry a weapon when our children look up to them as role models!?

Why is the answer to hand out more guns in order to prevent gun related crimes?

I am sure there are people out there that will agree with me and you could also disagree with me, that being the case I would love to hear your thoughts!

I hope that this doesn't get passed anywhere in the world as it will no doubt cost the lives of innocent people.


Followers, New and Old!

I am currently attempting to update and edit my blog.
Attempt being the key word in that first sentence! Not good with computers at all!

If my blog goes crazy or offline I promise I will be back as soon as I work out what I have done wrong.

Thanks for all your support



Thursday, 27 December 2012

Have we seriously had Christmas already..

I feel like we should be back in about May, still learning how to be a Mum to a precious little Boy.
I can't even believe I have just had my first Christmas as a Mum and my little person was 11 and a half months old for it! 

I went very overboard on presents this year, I have learnt already not to go crazy on presents but I just got so excited about His first Christmas that I went crazy on the present buying!
Now I have a huge pile of boxes sitting in the corner of my house and have to try and con my Husband to transport them down to the trailer so we can get rid of them.

Toby, Jarryd and I were very spoiled and received an Ipad to share from my Parents, I am not keen on giving my son modern technology gifts but I have to remember that it is the generation that he is growing up in and a lot of the private schools in my area are testing the Ipad's at grade school as a learning tool.

Tobes received about 16 presents off of Jarryd and I alone (oops), He loved all the wrapping paper and ribbons more than his toys but what else can you expect from an 11 month old.

We totally exploited him and made him wear a 'Santa's little helper" suit, it came with little booties (haha).

I made a yummy breakfast of ham and cheese croissants for 12 people and it was great to catch up with good friends for Christmas! We got to chill out and watch the children plat with their toys! Total Bliss!

Toby and Ryan sitting on Toby's new couch and playing the PSP.

We have a family tradition of going to my Great Grandma's for Christmas lunch every year, It is my favorite thing to do and I think Toby really enjoyed the good food and playing with all of his family (plus lots of cuddles).

Jarryd's family live in Sydney so we always have a long chat to all of them on the phone and it's brilliant to hear all their happy and cheerful voices.
Here is Jarryd talking to his Grandad with this great handset he got for his birthday.

I really cant believe Christmas has been and gone,
Next year I will have Two little people to buy for so next year I will be starting early.
Jarryd and I will be coming up with new traditions to pass on to our children for Christmas like what to put out for Sarta, the reindeer's and anything else we can think of.
I will try and do more crafty things coming into Christmas and decorate my house!

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas and I look forward to reading your Christmas posts.

Feel free to share your traditions in the comments xo

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Week 11 and have the flu! Oh and a UTI!

I have been trying to write this post for Two day's now,
But between Christmas celebration's and being sick,
I haven't really felt like sitting at my computer.

On Boxing Day I had another bleed
It was heart wrenching but bub is ok and we are hopeful.

Boxing day also had me wake up with an extremely sore throat and hot and cold flushes.
Today I also woke up with a UTI!
Can it seriously get any more exhausting??  

I just want to crash and not get up for days on end.

Fortunately Toby has been keeping me company and being a very well behaved!

That's all from me this week as nothing really new has happened.


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Week 10 and we have a happy healthy baby.


Week 10, we finally have a fetus!
 Its been a very tiring week for me.
Once again the morning sickness has gotten worse!

My belly is expanding but my weight is still dropping!
Down a total of 4kg now and not being to eat most meats I am already struggling with iron levels.

Work is great, I am absolutely buggered but I enjoy getting out of the house.

Foods I am loving:     

Stir Fry's,
Anything full of sugar.

Foods I can't stand: 

Savoury anything,
Spag Bol,

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Those days when your world turns upside down.

"I am strong, I am strong, I AM STRONG"

I will keep repeating this to myself until I get my results back.
I had a bleed, it started last night, it stopped, it came back, I started cramping, I went to the hospital.

I won't know my results until 3pm tomorrow when I have an ultrasound.

My eye's are puffy, my nose is running, I can't focus on anything but wanting to know that my jellybean is ok.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Week 9

I didn't realise I was a week behind with my posts!
So I decided since I have popped already that I would post a sneaky bump photo.


 I cant wait to find out if its a bumper or a bumpette!

I am also just happy to get through the whole pregnancy as a low risk patient!



Week 8! Warning; Too Much Information

Week 8 has flown by.
Nausea is still getting worse week by week.
I have pretty much ever pregnancy symptom in the book,
Nausea, Sore Breasts, Discharge, Pimples, Exhausted, Crying at least once a day, Turned off all my favorite foods, peeing all the time.

It's no fun at all but the thought of having a little Jellybean growing inside me makes it all worth it.

A little bit of sunshine;

Everyday I get closer to 12 weeks I feel less anxious,
I am happy to tell people not that most can't tell already as I have popped.

Things that ease my Nausea;

I have been eating a lot of grapes, ice cream, chocolate up and go, orange juice, chocolate.
I can't touch Meat, veggies unless they are mashed, there are a few other things that I can't think of.
I hate going to the supermarket, it always sends my reaching.
That's all from me tonight.
I am sleep deprived and need to nap!


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Happy 11 months Toby monster.

Time always flies when you're having fun..

That is how I feel with my precious little person.

We have had our ups and downs.
Our sleepless nights.
Our runny noses.
Our tears.
Our boo boo's.
Our endless cuddles.
Our happy smiles.
Our firsts of many.

We sometimes don't get out of our PJ'S.

Time is really going to fast,
You will be One year old in just one month.
3 days old.

I love you so much precious,

6 months old.
11 months old

I can't believe how fast this time is flying by.           

Monday, 3 December 2012

Week 7

Week 7 has kicked off with minimal nausea,
I am still extremely tired but as each week passes I get more and more excited.

We had our Dating scan last Tuesday,
We have a healthy growing little person in there and we got to see a strong little heart beat.
Jellybean is due on the 21st of July and that makes me 7w2d.

Toby has got Tonsillitis and has been very sore and tired.
We spent the weekend in Torquay for our baby cousin's Baptism.

This pregnancy has been so different to my first.


Monday, 26 November 2012

Week 6

 Basically that's me this week.

I have a slight bit of nausea but not to much.

I have my dating scan tomorrow so I will hopefully have a picture and Due Date to share.

I started back at work today, boy I'm buggered.
 Toby loved his first day at daycare so we were happy for him to be there part time.

I will give you another update tomorrow 

Love and Happiness.


Monday, 12 November 2012

Week 5

Well it's finally sinking in.
I have a tiny little person growing in my belly.

I feel.. 
Sick, Shocked but I am kind of excited.

I hope this Nausea doesn't hang around for long.

I don't even remember being this tired.

I possibly have the most wonderful understanding husband in the world, who informed me last night that he is in love already and cant wait to meet our little jellybean.

I am in love with my growing family and am truly excited to be adding to it.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dear Little Person..

I have only just found you,
But I love you already.

I know I cried a lot when I read that you were there,
But it wasn't because I didn't want you, I was just shocked.

I know that you are there,
I can feel it.

You have a beautiful little brother and handsome daddy,
We are very happy for you to come and join our family.

We love you so much little person,
Thank god for blessing us with this.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Whats inside my head! Random but interesting.

My favorite colour is Pink,
It's girlie and I just adore it.
I drink a lot of hot chocolate,
I drink other things as well but i love hot chocolate over any tea or coffee.
I am a big kid,
I love to go to theme parks and go on all the rides until I start to feel sick.
I want to travel overseas when Toby gets older,
Bali and Hawaii are at the top of my list,
I would also love to see Paris.
I remember almost 90% of my dreams,
Yet they are alway's random and don't make a lot of sense the next day when I remember them.
I love Chinese food,
It is my takeaway of choice and I could quite easily eat it everyday if I could afford it.
I am irrationally scared of robbers,
This stems from my car getting stolen in 2009 by some teenagers who stole all the things worth anything in it then burnt it out.
I heard then breaking into it at about 4.30am and it was a surreal experience for me.
My Favorite movie of all times is the Titanic,
Something about Leonardo in that movie just makes me fall in love with him.
I got a lapband when I was 18yo,
It was a huge decision and not something to choose lightly,
I wasn't extremely over weight but I was having trouble with my joints and self esteem,
Believe me it was not the easy way out like so many people believe it is.
I still eat well and work hard to keep on top of my weight issue's.
I have had one knee reconstruction and am currently waiting to have a second one,
I'm not sure how I will go having a baby while on crutches so it will be interesting.
My dream job is to be managing a Fashion Store and playing in gorgeous clothing all day long.
In five years from now I see myself working my dream job,
having my wonderful hubby by my side and two precious little boys.