Friday, 31 May 2013

33 weeks

It's all starting to get a bit real now!

7 weeks to go and me being me, I am still not prepared in the slightest!

As I sit here and type I am still thinking about packing my labour bags, Yes, I was packing that weeks ago but I have been putting it off all this time because that will be the one thing that makes this all very real.


Today I am sitting here thinking about the fact that next month I will be Mum of Two under Two and that idea seriously is starting to scare the hell out of me! 

This week Toby to share his Hand, Foot and Mouth virus that he picked up at day care, Unfortunately I caught it worse that what he did!
I have blisters on my hands, feet and on my tongue! I can't wait for it to clear up because these blisters are sore.

Yesterday I spent the day in hospital with problems with my gallbladder again, It wasn't a bad attack but it was bad enough and I even had to have heart monitors on myself.
I did however get to go down to the pregnancy assessment clinic for a CTG to monitor her and found out she is sitting in an odd position so I just hope she moves head down and not in to breech in the last weeks!

This is a comparison picture from both my pregnancies at the same time.
Left is 33 weeks with Toby and right is this pregnancy.
I am starting to get bigger than I was with Tobes and I am starting to worry about what size my daughter is going to be!

Today Jarryd is going to make me pack my labour bags as he knows that if it is left to him, he will forget something! 



Friday, 24 May 2013

Vote for my bump!! Please

I have entered a most beautiful bump competition I would really appreciate if my loyal followers would head over and vote for my entry!

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Thank you for taking the time out to do that for me!

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dear Pregnant Self

Your morning sickness wont last forever, I promise! 9 months out of your life isn't to hard to put up with when you think about the outcome!
Your sore boobs may last longer than your morning sickness but look at how huge they are now! You wont ever need that boob job you always talked about now!
You are going to put on weight! It wouldn't be healthy if you didn't! Remember you can lose that after they are born!

Yes, I know you need to pee every 20 minutes! Sometimes you may even pee a little when you laugh, sneeze or cough and as embarrassing as it may be at the time it happens to the best of us!

Things are going to ache! Hips, ligaments, joints and muscles! These aches can be horrible and they may hit you at anytime of day but hey you ARE making a baby!

You will crave random food and you may not like certain foods anymore but that is ok because your body is just trying to tell you what it needs but try to lay off the salt!

You will miss getting kicked in the ribs! Even when it hurts so bad that you think it may have just snapped clean in half!

You are not the only one that needs a crane to help you roll over in the middle of the night so that you can attempt to get up to pee for the 3rd time since going to bed!

That packet of biscuits that you just ate for tea is totally acceptable as a meal and don't listen to people that try to tell you any differently!

Chocolate is now a food group (maybe not a healthy one though)

Running around after a toddler is classed as exercise and a high intensity one at that!

You will cry over stupid things! Kittens, movies, stories and food!

People will make you feel like crap, don't listen to them!

You might get really angry with how stupid people are! It may make you yell at times but let people know you don't mean to take it out on them you just have way to many hormones running through your body at the moment!

You will buy so many clothes for the baby that you probably don't really need, I know you don't mean to but your husband wont see it that way so just smile and say you are sorry every time he complains about it!

People will say when you tell them how far along you are "OMG you are huge!" Just smile and remember that you are getting close to your due date and soon people wont say that anymore and you will more than likely say it to someone else!

Don't take your pregnancy for granted! There are people out there that are desperate for a child but cant for any reason have them!

Labour will be over before you know it! Yes, it is going to hurt but just remember you get to hold your little girl at the end of it all!

Remember to love every moment of this pregnancy because once it is over you will miss it!


Week 32

8 more weeks!!

As Bumpette gets bigger my gallbladder attacks have become more frequent, luckily I have found a few ways to keep myself calm and work my way through it.
I hate when I feel an attack coming on because I know there is no way I can stop it and it takes so much energy out of me and I cant do much the next day!

I think that we have chosen a short list of little girls names and I love them both so now we have to decide which one it will be.

Addison or Lucy?!

It has been hard enough to come up with that short list so hopefully it doesn't change!

I have got all my finishing touches for her wardrobe this week and she now has her all her warm winter clothes which is great because it is so damn cold here now!

I am extremely worried about keeping my precious little girl warm this winter as it is easy with a toddler I can just rug him up and he is always toasty but it is always a worry of mine with a newborn about them being too warm or too cold!

My tummy is really growing and I am really going to miss it once this is all over.

This week is really uneventful, I am however going to have more photo's taken for my timeline maternity shoot tomorrow so that will be exciting!


When my baby #2 journey started

I remember the days leading up to me finding out so clearly, Thursday I was preparing two horses for a horse show that my mum and I were competing in the next day, Friday we competed all day in the pouring rain and when we got home I got a phone call from my local radio station telling me I had won a competition to "relive my hen's night" and had to rally up 15 girl friends for a night out on a party bus and 5 different pub stops plus free drink (If you cant tell by now, we weren't trying for another child).
Saturday night was a blast but after a few too many cocktails I was ready to go home and fall asleep but before I could do that the girls and I though it was a great idea to grab a kebab, that was the first time I threw up.
Sunday morning I got my first ever hang over and spent the day laying on the couch and running to the bathroom.
My bestfriend came over with the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting"! She then laughed at me while I bawled my eye's out through the whole movie, I told her she didn't understand because she didn't have a child!

I was still extremely sick on Monday and couldn't drag myself around to chase after my crawling son, I felt awful and had no energy what so ever.
I don't even know what made me think I could be pregnant because I was on the pill and am always on time when I take it but I found the box of home pregnancy tests in the back of the bathroom cabinet, pee'd on the stick and waited!

My head was swimming and once again I was sick!

I was faced with two bright pink lines! Positive!

My first reaction was to burst into tears! I felt terrible, I couldn't believe I had been so irresponsible and went out drinking on the weekend!
I rang my husband and he came straight home to come with me to the doctor to confirm the results, the doctor asked me if I had changed pill types or the brand I had been taking when I thought about it, I had changed brands without even giving it a second though!
He referred me to have a dating scan to see how far along I was but I was sure I was only about 5 weeks along.

For day's I cried on and off,
Not because I didn't want her but because I was just so disappointed with the amount of alcohol I had consumed just days before, what if I had cause damage to her!

I am happy that my daughter is happy and healthy in there and hopefully has no health risks later on .

Guest Blogger - Bethany King!

I would like to introduce my first guest blogger Bethany King From Before, During and After 
Bethany is currently expecting her first child and lives in Washington.
Please head over and follow her amazing journey to motherhood!  

I am the type of person who likes to be in control, always. I make plans, to-do lists, and agendas, and I tend to stick to them. So being pregnant has thrown me a bit off guard.

My husband Cameron and I talked for a while about getting pregnant. We both agreed it was time, and I did some research to find out what I needed to do ahead of time. Turns out I needed to see a lady doctor to get checked out and also see a dentist. [Through that, I learned I had my first cavity. Bummer!] I knew that it was a good idea to rid your body of birth control medication to increase your chances of conception. After some careful planning, we started going for it, and in less than a month, we were pregnant.

My reaction? This was not the plan. The plan was to try for a few months and THEN get pregnant. Already, my plan is getting thrown off track. Was I excited? I was a little excited, but mostly I was unprepared. I had to start reading and planning for the next stages. Turns out, there is a LOT that needs to be done when you're pregnant and before the baby arrives!

Fast forward to today, just a few weeks from delivery. I have done all I can to plan and prepare for his arrival, but I'm no longer in control! And it freaks me out. 

I can't tell when I will go into labor. Heck, the doctor can't tell me that. Only the baby knows when it's time. And that is a scary thought. For the first time, I am not in control of my own circumstances (disclaimer: I know, theoretically, that we are never really in control of anything!); I can only plan for the "if"s.

Here is my plan:
If I'm at work, my friend Susan will drive me home. I'll call Cameron on the way.
If I'm at church or work, we will likely take a cab home OR just walk, depending on how I feel.
If we're home (or once we're home), I will call my mother and let her know that it's begun. I will also send a text to a few of my friends who requested one. And I'll call our doula.
Cameron will blow up the stability ball.
We will make sure our hospital bag is ready, including last minute toiletry items.

And THEN... that's where things get fuzzy. My plan takes me through the first hour, tops. The next stage (6 hours? 10 hours? 20?) is no longer in my control or my plan. And that is a scary thought.

One side of my brain says, "Just plan for anything. Make sure you know what to do in every situation."

The other side, the one I should probably be listening to at this point, says, "It will be alright. No matter what, it won't last forever, and you will be fine." 

I will be fine. I will be great. Then I'll have a baby.

I CAN plan on that.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

WANTED; Guest Bloggers

I am searching for some people to feature in guest posts over the next 8 weeks in the lead up to my little bundle of joy.

Ideally I am after "baby" related posts including Trying to Conceive, Maternity Style, Skin Care, Labour and anything out of the ordinary.

Guest Bloggers will have a link to their blog and any photos they wish to share included on their post and I am happy to also share blog buttons if you have one.

Please shoot me through an email at if you are interested.

I look forward to hearing from you.  


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Week 31


Yep that's correct, only 9 weeks until I am due, that means 63 days!

What needs to be done in these 63 day? So much that it makes my head close to exploding!

I want to pack away some of Toby's toys that I can rotate instead of having them all spread out around his bedroom and the family room.
I want to scrub the house from one end to the other and make sure everything is clean for bumpette.
I want to make sure that the bassinet is clean and set up and also the capsule for the car needs to be clean and ready to be put in the car at 36 weeks.
I want to make sure everything is washed and packed away for everyone.
That is just a small list of things that I need to start doing.

I have noticed that my attention span has started to walk out the door this week, I get bored really easy and sometimes can't focus on what people a whining about!
Also, my temper this week has been crazy, so many people are getting on my nerves just for saying stupid or rude things, It might be time to lock myself up and become a hermit until she is born.

As you may have noticed I am still referring to her as "bumpette" or "she"! Yep still no name, we can't agree so we are waiting until something jumps out at us.
I hate waiting to know what we are going to call her as I just want to call her by her name!

I have been procrastinating where my labour bags are concerned! I think it all comes back to my lack of attention, the idea of sitting down and making sure its all packed bores me to tears!

Since I am on maternity leave I have been trying to do a few more things for myself and today my Aunty treated me to a hair treatment at the hair salon and boy it was nice to sit there and relax while I was pampered!
I dyed my hair and I think I may book myself in for a pedicure for next week! 


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Its getting to that time again.

With my last pregnancy I was very under prepared when it came to having my hospital bags packed, Not just for labor but in general, I spent a lot of time in hospital and feel that my nights there would have been better if I was more organised.
Just sitting here now I can think of a number of things that I didn't take last time that I will be packing first this time.

I am currently going through a crazy list writing obsession, I did this with my last pregnancy but I am possibly getting worse this time around!! (SHHH don't tell my Hubby)

Even though I was prepared last time I honestly wasn't and I had no idea what I would need I packed the wrong sort of baby clothes, the wrong clothes for myself and I didn't even have breast or maternity pads!! Looking back on it now it makes me laugh at how naive I really was.

Over the next few weeks I am going to start packing and buying the things that I actually need to take to the hospital not the things that I might need.

I am planning on packing 3 different bags this time, One for me, one for bub and a small one for Jarryd.

Whats in my bag; 

Clothes- Yes I know, the most obvious thing I will need! Basically I am not planning on a long stay if its an uncomplicated birth, so I will pack a few pairs on undies, nursing bra's, PJ pants, maternity tops, singlet tops, a jumper/cardigan, track pants and jeans! Being winter I need to make sure I am nice and warm! I will leave another bag packed at home incase I have to stay longer than planned.

Toiletries- Toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant, razor, lip balm, shampoo and conditioner, body wash (soap free), hair brush and ties, some make up (I wont use it I doubt), moisturizer.

Maternity pads and Breast pads- I have started to stock up on these items and I will be trying reusable breast pads this time around but I also have disposable ones to start off with!

Ural Sachets- I was recommended these by a fellow mum who told me that they help with the sting while going to the toilet if you have any tearing.

Nipple Balm- I didn't get cracked nipples last time but you never know what will happen this time around!

Camera and charger- This is almost the most important thing for me! I love catching the moments of labour and pure love of the first minutes when a child is born!

Phone and charger- Hopefully I don't forget these!

Wallet- I might need to buy something and I also might need my ID or health cards!

Purple Book- This book has my whole pregnancy documented in it so they know what check up's and tests I have had. (this will be packed after my last appointment)

Toilet Paper- The hospital stuff is like using sandpaper after having a baby.

Whats in babies bag;  

Wondersuits- I am planning on taking a three 4x0 and two 3x0 as I am not 100% sure if she is going to be as small as Toby.

Singlet Suits- I will take two 4x0 and two 3x0.

Mittens- I will only take one pair of these as I didn't use them with Toby.

Socks- I will take a few pairs, winter is freezing!

Swaddles- I will take some blanket swaddles and a zip up one as I am terrible at wrapping swaddles!

Nappies and Wipes- pretty self explanatory!

Hats- will need these since its winter.

Going Home Outfit- God I hope it fits her!

Dummy- Toby had one but we will see if she likes it because Toby only takes one kind.

Whats in hubby's bag;

Snacks- Jarryd eats a lot so I will make sure I pack him plenty to snack on during the day.

Change of clothes- You never know what he will get on the first pair and I don't want him sitting around all dirty.

Phone and Charger- He can make all the calls afterwards.


Bring on having our next precious little family member here to complete our family.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Week 30

10 more weeks everyone!!
Well she could come early but I highly doubt it, I think she is quite comfortable where she is!

I am exhausted! I have huge puffy bags under my eyes that almost make me look like I have been in a fist fight!
My Husband is driving me insane! For no reason in particular he is just annoying and I can't help but be extremely grumpy with him (for mostly no good reason) as soon as he gets home from work! Yes I am a total nightmare to live with so I feel extremely sorry for him!

My poor brain is fried, I can't seem so keep myself on track this week!
I have been totally lazy and not kept up with my washing so I am now paying for that! there is always something to wash and I hate it!

I have been put on light house duties and bed rest by my GP because on Monday my bump "dropped" quite a lot (see above) and I was finding it every difficult to walk as well had a noticeable amount of swelling "down there"!! I didn't realise how hard it would be to be on bed rest with a toddler but it is now on my list of things I never want to go through again!

I went and seen the midwives and told them about what had been going on, they didn't seem to worried about it and didn't even talk about my gallstones, so that might be something that I have to bring up with my GP when I go back to see them.
Bumpette was measuring right on track hopefully she is as small as Toby when he was born, that was a good size even though he was still short and in a 5x0 weighing 8lbs!

One of my lovely friends came over yesterday with a present for Bumpette and a lovely bunch of flowers for me! 
She sure knows how to make me feel better when I am not quite 100% happy 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Morning sickness...

Welcome to my crazy pregnant lady rant!

My morning sickness has decided to return, boy does it think revenge is sweet since I have been saying how I was feeling reasonably good recently.

Unfortunately not everyone has been so loving and accommodating to the fact that most days it is a struggle just to get out of bed to do my normal chores let alone even get to a party at my non understanding best friends house!
It has shocked me a little but her excuse was "you had NO morning sickness with Toby"!!
NO I didn't have morning sickness with Toby but I am also not currently pregnant with Toby!
I am pregnant with a new baby and every pregnancy is different!

I can't wait until she falls pregnant and has to go through the whole 'Fake' morning sickness!
Why would anyone even use morning sickness as an excuse!? 

They are completely and utterly worth it and I wouldn't take back one moment of my life with them!