Thursday, 23 May 2013

Week 32

8 more weeks!!

As Bumpette gets bigger my gallbladder attacks have become more frequent, luckily I have found a few ways to keep myself calm and work my way through it.
I hate when I feel an attack coming on because I know there is no way I can stop it and it takes so much energy out of me and I cant do much the next day!

I think that we have chosen a short list of little girls names and I love them both so now we have to decide which one it will be.

Addison or Lucy?!

It has been hard enough to come up with that short list so hopefully it doesn't change!

I have got all my finishing touches for her wardrobe this week and she now has her all her warm winter clothes which is great because it is so damn cold here now!

I am extremely worried about keeping my precious little girl warm this winter as it is easy with a toddler I can just rug him up and he is always toasty but it is always a worry of mine with a newborn about them being too warm or too cold!

My tummy is really growing and I am really going to miss it once this is all over.

This week is really uneventful, I am however going to have more photo's taken for my timeline maternity shoot tomorrow so that will be exciting!



  1. sorry for the gallbladder attacks. I use to have them til I got rid of mine 10 yrs ago this July. I still have stomach issues tho that havent gone away.

  2. Beautiful names, Jay! Addison was on our short list too for a girl. They both go with Toby really well too.


"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"