Wednesday, 31 October 2012

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Love and Happiness


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Time for your own room!

Ive been saying this for days... weeks... Ok its been months!!

I am very over protective of my son (as we all are).
I haven't been able so bring myself to move him out of my room.

Trust me I have tried!

Well tonight is the night!

I cant have anymore sleepless nights of him waking up because he is sick and sitting up talking to his toys.

How did you move your little person out?

Much Love.


Sickness in the house!

I can't even begin to explain how exhausted I am!

I am dealing with tears, howling, snot, waking up every hour and nappy explosions!

The joys of motherhood!

Maybe its lucky that I have the hubby home this week from work?
No wait, he's playing video games!


I could rather happily punch him in the face today!

Keep Smiling!


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thinking back on pregnancy

I remember the day we decided that we would just start trying.

I'd had my appendix taken out and had stopped taking the pill while I was on the medication.

We had talked about children but hadn't thought about when we were going to start trying.

This day we decided that if it happened this month it happened and if it didn't we would wait a little longer.

After a few negative tests during the "two week wait" I was convinced it wasn't meant to be.

Boy was I wrong.

I went out to the Casino for tea with Mum, Dad and some family friends, I had a few beers even won $300 (I look back and feel bad for those beers now as my period was 2 days late)  

The next day we went fishing out on my best friends boat, I got sea sick for the first time in my life and it wasn't my first time on a boat out at sea.
 (maybe this was my next sign)

The day after fishing I was back at work at 5.30am with my first ever migraine, I went home early and on my way grabbed a pregnancy test.

I peed on the stick like I had twice that month and sat it beside me, I watched the first line appear thinking it was around the wrong way I got disappointed, then the next line popped up.

I burst into tears and the first thing I did was ring my husband who was thrilled!

It showed me how important the "two week wait" is.  

Style Icon; Lemon Breeland

Lemon Breeland is a main character off of Hart Of Dixie.
Her style is girlie, pastels, flowers and vintage!

I love how it all fits together and how well she can pull it off.

Monday, 22 October 2012

What a lovely morning.

As I sit here sharing my weetbix and drinking my hot chocolate, I cant think of a better way to spend my morning.

My little monster is all about crawling and climbing!

He is turning into a little boy before my eyes!

He makes the sleepless nights so much more worth it!

Some of you might be wondering how I am going with my PND!?
Well I'm ok but had to take some time off to get back on track.
Some days are still better than others but we all take the good with the bad!

Sending Love and Happiness,

Monday, 8 October 2012

Lost in my own little world!

Wow, Ive been missing for a while now!

Guess what?!

I'm back!

So much has happened over the past week or so!

Toby turned 9 months on Friday and finally decided he could crawl!
now all I do is chase after him and look for him around my house.

Time to baby proof I guess.

I will update some photos tomorrow :)