Friday, 21 June 2013

Week 36

Doing weekly posts started off as an outlet to share my pregnancy with people who actually wanted to read about it not just sharing with my friends and family that are only worried about the end outcome!
I didn't expect to be sharing with such a huge following.
Thank you! 

Only 4 weeks until Grace is due!

This week I have felt completely exhausted again! I can hardly bring myself to do a lot of things and I feel horrible!
I have also been pushing myself too much and then can barely walk the next day.

I still don't know if I am completely ready to be a mum of two but it's a little late to be worried about that now, It is probably just the self doubt that my PND causes me but like last time I will fight my demons head on.

I also treated myself to some pampering this week and took myself to the hairdresser for a cut and colour, It was amazing and I felt so relax afterwards.

Tomorrow I have the last pregnancy photoshoot for my timeline, Toby and Jarryd are included with this one too so I am excited to get some family shots done!

I have started taking raspberry leaf tablets to start getting my girlie parts ready for birth, I didn't take them last time but it will be interesting to see if it makes any difference with this birth.
I am also hoping I don't have to be induced this time, I would really like to no what it feels like to go into labour and have my waters break at a stupid time but I guess we will see what happens.

Next week I should find out what position Grace is in and how much she approximately weighs, I am so excited to know all that.

Please be head down!!

I think that is all I have to report on this week.



  1. I had to be induced with my first one too and I just told my husband the other day that I'm hoping this baby comes naturally. I feel like I missed out on the whole water breaks, call husband, rush to hospital kind of thing!

  2. Ah, from 36 weeks was awful for me.. That's when I went into labour the first time!! Then it was on and off until I finally had him at 38 weeks. I've been so clucky so you've officially reminded me of how horrible the last stretch it (thankyou!! hehe) you poor chook, big big hugs xx


"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"