Sunday, 16 June 2013

Week 35

5 more weeks!!

Sorry guys I have completely been missing in action these last few weeks! 
I have been trying to keep myself busy because I am so bored waiting for this precious little person to enter the world! 

Finally she has a name! Well actually she has a first name and a last name but no middle name as yet, but it's a start right?


It was alway's at the top of our list but we wanted to look over every option before we made up our mind!

I have Finally packed my labour bag! It took a lot of convincing from Jarryd but at least now it is done and I don't need to worry about it at the last minute!
The next thing on my list to do is to clean out my car and fit the baby capsule as I don't like my chances of Jarryd doing it properly!

I have been thinking about how much I am going to miss being pregnant! Being our last child I am trying so hard not to complain about how hard it is to do simple things like rolling over in bed!
I am going to miss feeling my little girl moving inside my tummy, getting kicked in the ribs, having an excuse to eat chocolate and my big belly!
I am not going to miss the weight that I have put on over the last few months!

We are all very excited for the arrival of our little girl in the coming weeks and can't wait to introduces her beautiful face to the world!



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  1. I love the pic in the pink dress, it's gorgeous!! & woah mumma, that's one gorgeous bubba home!
    I love the name Grace!


"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"