Wednesday, 1 August 2012

While I Was Searching..

While I was searching the Internet for recipes to try with my 7 month old son I couldn't help but notice that every site I went onto had a "Breast Is Best" comment at least once on each site, some even having a pop up asking if you agree!
While I agree with the "Breast Is Best" motto I can't push it as I only feed for 6 weeks due to no supply.
I personally think that there is a lot of pressure put on Mothers to Breastfeed and if you are anything like me you try so hard to make everyone happy that it just ends up falling apart!
I spent all day everyday feeding and pumping trying to make up my supply as well as eating all the foods they tell you will help, drinking plenty of water and taking milk supply drops!
I felt like I had failed my newborn but when he got oral thrush and then it was passed through to my nipples it was like razor blades every time I fed him and I was still treating it a month after I started on formula.

I really admire the Mothers that can exclusively feed their babies but I also admire the Mums that take a stand and don't Breastfeed because its not for everyone and they cop a lot of negative comments and feed back for not trying.

I'm glad that I could give my Son a good start by giving him what little milk I did have!

Keep Smiling!

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