Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The A-Z of my first Pregnancy,

A is for Ache!

Not Just my feet but everywhere!
My feet, back, tummy, hips and knees!

B is for Belly! 

It started growing straight away!
 By 10 weeks you could tell I was pregnant not getting fat!

C is for Cry!

I honestly cried every single day!
It didn't matter what it was over I'd just bawl!

D is for Dreams!

Oh the psychotic dreams!
I was dreaming all kinds of messed up things!

E is for Exhaustion! 
I've never had so much sleep in my whole life!
I'd eat, sleep, work and lay on the couch!

F is for Food!

I ate all day and all night!
 It didn't matter what it was!

G is for Gas! 

Yes, Gas!
 I had it all the time, I'm probably lucky the house didn't explode!

H is for Hormones!

I was happy, angry, sad and then angry again!
 It last my whole pregnancy, I'd laugh, cry and yell all within 5 minutes!

I is for Internals!

I believe I had 6 internals through out my 9 months!
That's a lot of dignity lost!

J is for Juice!

Juice was my favorite drink over my pregnancy!
 I will still run you over for a McDonald's OJ!

K is for Kicks!

The first time I felt it I was shocked and over the moon!
 Then came the rib kicks and bladder butts!

L is for Love!

It was Love from first sight!
From the first dating scan to the last time they monitored me!

M is for Milo!

Oh My Gosh, hot, milky, chocolatey!
 Cold and super chocolatey!

N is for Naps!

Morning, Noon and Night!
 If I was tired, I would sleep!

O is for Orange juice!

If I could drink it all day, I would have!
Nom, Nom, Nom!

P is for Period!

I will admit I didn't miss it!
Even if I was shocked when it was late!

Q is for Quizzes!

 What can I say I was pregnant!
I got BORED!

R is for Restless!

I was restless most of the time!
Worse towards the end!

S is for Shopping!

I spent way to much money!
On useless junk!

T is for Tantrums!

It didn't matter who you were!
If you upset me, you soon knew it!

U is for Unforgettable!

It was Long, Eventful and stressful!
 But I loved it!

V is for Vegetables!

I ate them by the truck load!
 Mostly Potato, Sweet potato and pumpkin!

W is for Worried!

I was in and out of Hospital!
At one stage they thought I had a brain tumor!

X is for X-Rays!

I had x-rays and an MRI!
Was not my favorite time!

Y is for Yoghurt!

I ate this with everything!
Didn't matter what flavor!

Z is for Zoo!

 Maybe my fondest memory!
Waddling around the zoo!

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"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"