Sunday, 26 August 2012

Walking A Mile In Someone Elses Shoes.

Before I was a Mum I was very judgmental.

I would make loud comments about people, I was very hurtful towards people I didn't even know but would get upset if someone did it to me.

As a teen I was bullied, a lot.

You don't realize the sort of effect words and actions can have towards someone.

People lose their life from bullying, bullies take away so many things out of the life of the person they are bullying and for what reason? Is it to feel powerful? To feel like you have some kind of control of someone's life that you wish was your own?

People are bullied for so many stupid reasons! A lot of the victims are unique!

A birth defect, over weight, under weight, an abnormality, skin colour, sexuality, religion, disability, sex, looks!

Why do we feel the need to put someone down for the way they were made?

How can we prevent bullying in our lives?

How do we protect our children from being the victim? Or worse how can we stop our child from being the bully?

Everyday for the rest of my life I will make sure I think about other peoples feelings before I pass judgement!

Bullying needs to be stopped!


  1. Aww Jayme I'm glad you posted this! Bullying should definitely stop!


  2. my eldest is starting high school in a few days and im just hoping that he doesn't experience bullying. Hes quite shy and im worried because of that he may be a target. Hopefully he should be ok...but you do worry xx

  3. I couldnt agree more, I hate bullies! I dont even like it when people 'joke' about others if its can still hurt someone.

    Great blog btw :-) do check me out if you like...


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