Monday, 22 July 2013

Week 40

Woohoo due date I'd finally here!! Sorry I'm still a week behind with my posts! 

I struggled to keep up with my blog entries with my impending baby getting closer and closer! 

On the 16th of July I asked to have a stretch and sweep done as it was my due date and I had been in early labour since the Friday before that! Talk about uncomfortable! I didn't really feel any pain but it was very unpleasant afterwards and I was so sure I would go into labour within the next 24 hours! I didn't! 

On Thursday I had another gallbladder attack and ended up in hospital with the emergency department nurse trying to tell me I was in labour!! 
I knew I wasn't!
That night ended in me going home extremely tired and frustrated! 

I felt a lot of Braxton hicks this week sometimes they were really strong and could tell the were there others were just tightenings and just made me annoyed!

I have been trying so many things to bring her on but nothing is working! 
Raspberry leaf tea,
Castor oil, 
Bouncing on the fit ball! 

Still nothing!

Bring in being a mum again!

Much love xox

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  1. I really thought you had already gone into labour since your last post. Guess baby isn't ready to grace the world with her presence as yet. I know you're getting pretty tired of waiting. I'm due on Monday and getting pretty anxious as well. My hubby and son have a little wager going on to see who will pop first, duchess kate Middleton or myself. All the best this week! I hope you meet your little one soon.


"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"