Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Week 25

I have aching parts that I didn't even know would ache,
I cant walk very far without huffing and puffing like I am a contestant off "The Biggest Loser" but while they are working out not just in an everyday situation.
Every night I try so hard to stop drinking by 7pm so that I can empty my bladder and don't have to get up during the night, it doesn't work.

I have stopped sleeping properly through the night and started that light sleep that you get when you have a newborn.
It is horrible because my 15 month old sleeps right through the night and I don't!

My boobs are always sore, they are getting huge as well, have gone up one cup size and may almost be time to go up another, my favorite time of day is when I don't have to wear a bra at all (I know bad image)!
My Lady parts are feeling swollen and it always aches when I have to walk or stand for long periods of time, apparently it is more common with the second child because all your muscles are loose already.

I have been trying so hard to start getting some clothes for bub, mostly I sorted through all the neutral things I had left from Toby but I have also brought some pink things.
Shopping for a girl is extremely hard and confusing to me, I don't like any of the horrible clothes that are in fashion for girls this season yet the boy things are absolutely gorgeous and I have stocked up on clothes for Toby.

My belly is getting quite impressive now and I am happy to flaunt it as well!

I have no pregnancy style going on what so ever, I am all about comfort so I'm sorry!!



  1. You are so cute ^^
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    1. Thank you sweetie :)
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  3. Pregnancy is so hard yet exciting I loved it but last few weeks of the second trimester it begins to get hard! BTW I love the boys things too yet there is so much girls stuff compared to boys in stores. Anyways, found you through the Aloha Blog Hop and am now following. - Sasha from

  4. Hi! New follower from the Aloha Hop! I think you're totally allowed to just be comfy when pregnant, it's one of the perks :)

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  7. Following back! I don't have kids, but it must be worth it when the baby comes, right?

  8. looking good mama! i was pregnant around this time last year and boy does time just fly right on by!

  9. You have a super cute belly ^^ Lovely blog!Dropping by from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop.

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  10. Comfort was the only thing that mattered to me when I was pregnant too! Newest follower.

  11. Lots of love to you and your baby!What do you think about following each other? GFC,FB,Twitter?

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  12. You look so beautiful and have such a cute, tiny belly. All the best with the coming months.


"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"