Thursday, 11 April 2013

Week 26

14 weeks to go!

It is all getting so close! Soon I will no longer be Mum of one, I will be Mum of two under two!
I worry myself everyday about how much nesting I am doing, I am always cleaning something and yesterday I found myself on my hands a knees scrubbing at small marks on the carpet! (advice: no matter how good of idea it seems at the time never put black carpet in your house! It show's every little mark)

This week has been very draining on my body and my hips are finally starting to break down from the pressure of working and I am the normally the last to admit that I have been pushing myself way to hard during this pregnancy, I am starting to find it hard to lift up my 15 month old out of his cot.

Toby and I are having a quiet day watching kiddie movies and t.v shows, he is trying to help me type this as well!

As you can see from the above picture pregnancy is doing nothing at all for my skin or hair! 
My hair is dull and lifeless and my skin breaks out all the time!
The best part about being pregnant this time is possibly knowing that I have a person growing inside of me!

I am slowly starting to get  really over this pregnancy and just want it to be over finally, Please don't take that as me being ungrateful because I truly feel blessed that I have such a precious family surrounding me but I think I am just so excited to have a new family member.

I am still debating with myself if I should pack my hospital bags just so I know that it is done and then it is one less thing that I have to worry about or worse, get Jarryd to do in a mad rush.

I am still very worried about the doctors letting me go into labour naturally this time mostly because I don't know what to expect, with being induced they talk you through every step that they take.
Oh I am also worried my waters are going to break in a public place and I will freak out and feel the need to clean up the mess my waters make (yes I know how stupid that sounds)

I made Toby a book box and it also has some small toys in it so that he doesn't feel the need to grab all of his big toys out, Thinking that would make less mess for me to clean up when he goes down for a nap, Boy was I wrong! 
He pulls them all out and spreads the across the lounge room and I find myself picking them up multiple times a day just so it doesn't look messy and so I don't trip over and hurt myself.

I really wish this heartburn would ease up but I have decided that's just wishful thinking on my account! I am however getting fluid removed from my lap band just so I can see if that helps.

For the last few days my morning sickness has returned and I am really hoping it isn't here to stay because between that and Toby not being 100% this week we have both been struggling.
The best part about us both being sick has been that we have both wanted lots of snugly cuddles to the point where Tobes has fallen asleep in my arm's a few times.

Bumpette remains nameless and as yet Jarryd and I haven't really discussed it! So if you have any cute girls names that you think may suit our family please throw them my way.
I really like the names Lucy and Grace but Jarryd isn't sold on either of them.

Much love and happiness to all my followers,


  1. LOL at the wanting to clean up the water, I used to think that too!! Fortunately, I never had to worry about it. ;)

    Sorry the morning sickness is back. It did make for an awesome cuddle picture w/the little one though.

    I'm visiting from Fun Friday. :)

  2. Toby is a super cute name, you need a super cute girls name too! I love Grace too.. and Gracie :)

    Oh oh and just think, getting down on your hands an knees stops Miss being the wrong way. That was recommended for me because Jydan was the wrong and trust me... the labour is HORRRRIIIBLE. So keep going with the hands and knees lol.


"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"