Friday, 19 April 2013

Week 27

My energy has hit rock bottom this week.
I have been working myself to the point of being too run down to do anything else for the rest of the day and I cant sleep at night due to hip pain. 
I enjoy still being at work because it gives me a day to interact with different people each week and not just get bored at home but it is hard with this ever expanding belly!

I have noticed this week that my hair and nails are growing at god speed, my nails I have to cut every week as I have a horrid habit of accidentally scratching people so it is just so much easier to have no nails at all.
My hair is really due for a hair cut but I think I might wait for just before I am due so that I can feel a little human when I go to hospital.

I still stress out everyday that something might go wrong, I try to keep a positive outlook on the whole situation but until she is out I think I will always have that slight worry.
I am also just anxious to meet her but extremely nervous all at the same time! 

I had my glucose test last Thursday and I found out the results Tuesday and then I have to have an Anti-D needle on Wednesday *sulks* I hate having a needle in the bum! Oh the joy of having a negative blood type!

I am really excited for Sunday, Mummy and Daddy get back from their overseas holiday and that makes me feel so much better about everything that has been going on lately!

Yesterday I had 2ml taken out of my lapband and it has made a huge difference on my heart burn, I actually haven't had it since. I am extremely worried about putting on to much weight in the next 12 weeks though!

I am yet to start waddling (thank god) I was waddling by this time with Toby, He always sat really low and pushed on my tail bone! It was one of the most horrible painful things that happened through my pregnancy.

I have been playing bumpette some of my favorite songs today and she is loving the music and kicking about.

I haven't had much morning sickness this week which has been so nice, I hate feeling sick and not being myself. Here's hoping it is going to stay away now because it  really takes a lot out of you energy wise!

I am still really enjoying (yes, I did say enjoying!!) cleaning my house, I vacuum about 3 times a week and I am trying to keep on top of all my house work so I am not overrun when I finally have Bumpette, I like everything done a certain way so I don't want to leave it up to Jarryd.



  1. LOVING the bump!! (bumpette :) )..

  2. New follower here from the Family Fridays blog hop! Love your blog! I remember how different it was when I was prego with my daughter and I was crazy busy all the time because of our toddler son! Can't wait to read mre :) Would love it if you checked out and followed my blog too :)


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  4. I too have a negative blood type which meant a lot of extra poking during my pregnancies, but it could be worse. Before the invention of Rhogam shots, negative blood mixed with a positive father was a death sentence for most children past the first pregnancy. I have a friend who is a miracle for being alive. I was born before Rhogam but was lucky in that both my mother and father had negative blood types. Hang in there. It's always worth it in the end. (Pun intended)

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    I love readying pregnancy updates. I miss doing mind :D

    Lotte xo

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  11. How do you play her music? I mean, do you just have it on, or do you actually put the headphones up to your tummy? Just curious. :) I haven't tried anything like that.
    I'm 34+ weeks now. And I definitely waddle if I'm not thinking about it. If I'm paying attention to my walking, I do just fine! I know this because someone at work today let me know that I look really big, I won't make it to my due date, and I walk like he's about to come out. Hmph.
    I really like that self-pic from above! I haven't tried that angle!

    1. I just play music over the stereo and if she likes it I notice she is a lot more active than when it is something that doesn't appeal to her.
      I hate that I waddle but I know it gets worse when I have over done myself and my hips are sore!


  12. You have such a cute pregnant belly! I just found your blog through the blog hop and I'm SO glad I did. Following along now through blog lovin' :) !

    Bisous (kisses) from France!
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