Sunday, 31 March 2013

Week 24 (snore)

If you read "snore" you read right! Apparently I have been snoring really loud!! (poor hubby)

Plus I just wish this pregnancy was over already, I want to be able to go through the whole night without needing to pee (or even think about needing to pee)! I want to meet our little girl and I want to be able to start riding my horses again!

I have had Jarryd home for the Easter long weekend and he is slowly starting to drive me nuts, he plays video games all day and then from about 2pm onwards he also drinks beer! seriously go and do something slightly more productive with your day!

I have been so tired this last week I sometimes find it hard to keep my eyes open, I have been falling asleep as soon as I put Toby down for a nap! It works in well as I get a good 3 hours rest and then I am ready do go again but I have never slept when  he has because I have never been tired enough too but it really is nice to just lay back and crash on  the couch.

I have been nesting big time this week, cleaning everything and then cleaning it again! Cooking massive amounts of food and freezing them, I am not sure why but I just have this need to do it.

I have been thinking about painting the nursery grey instead of keeping it green but then I have to have Toby sleep in our room for a few days while we paint and get the fumes out and none of us sleep very well all in the same room.

My Parents have gone on an adventure for three week to Vietnam and I am missing them like crazy ( I wont admit that they only left 2 nights ago).
My Mum is my rock, she keeps my stress down and help out when I need it and even cooks tea when I get myself to run down.
She wont be back until the end of April and it feels like forever!

We had such an enjoyable Easter!
I made ham and cheese croissants for Jarryd, Jess, Toby and I and then Jess made a potato bake and homemade hamburgers for tea! It was so good!
Jess is house/pet sitting for Mum and Dad while they are away.

My heartburn is still really bad but the midwives have given me a prescription to get some tablets and told me to get some fluid taken out of my lapband so hopefully that helps a little!
They also noticed that my liver function was high so I am due for more blood tests in two weeks but they think my gallbladder may be playing up slightly.

That it for me tonight.



  1. Congrats on 24weeks! I can feel your misery haha. Thanks for linking up to mommy moments.


  2. Hi Jayme! Newest follower...loving your blog. I'm a new mommy too..isn't it fun?! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl on the way. We did our son's nursery gray and I love it (though he's yet to sleep in there still :/). Sorry about your'll be over soon and you'll have that baby girl in your arms!



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