Friday, 12 April 2013

Shopping isn't so fun anymore.

I FINALLY dragged myself into town to start buying a few little things for our pending little princess.

I found very few things that I wanted to spend my money on, like I find things I want but I just cant afford everything so I don't buy anything!
I did however buy a gorgeous furry pink beanie from Pumpkin Patch I just couldn't leave it there and they had a sale on! I sneakily got Toby a warm winter beanie as well!

This is so cute!

I also got a few bigger suits for next summer and cute little shorts (that I will most likely hate by the time summer comes back).

I can't go shopping without buying my little man some new clothes and I think that is all I brought!! I swear I just adore all the clothes that are in for boys this season with the cute puffer jackets and the gorgeous colours!
The girl clothes are a completely different story, you have a choice of Pink or Purple (I hate Purple so much) and there is just nothing that jumps out and say's 'take me home'.

I have found a few cute items on various facebook pages but haven't made the commitment to buy any of them just in case she is actually a he!

I did buy a huge bulk lot of second hand size 000 girls clothes off of facebook and everything was in excellent condition so I was extremely happy with it and after only paying $30 for it and I think it had about 10 wondersuits in it ready for my winter baby :) 

I love these zip up wondersuits that bonds has, the zip it so much easier to use than all the press studs! I hate trying to do press studs when you have a wiggly little baby (or toddler for that matter) and with the zip there are no holes where the cold air can get through!

I am looking forward to starting on my own hair bows instead of buying them I have found so many that I like but it is so much more satisfying to make your own when you can! It also works out a lot cheaper!
When I start working on them (most likely when I start maternity leave) I will post some of my own creations!

Cute Princess Hair Bow.

If anyone has some cute websites that they like to shop on for their baby clothes please send them through as I am always on the look out for new places and inspiration.

Love and Happiness,

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  1. Baby hairbows are the cutest! When I had my daughter, I started making hairbows and it was fun.


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