Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Who let you out of the house?

Yesterday was one of those stupid weather days, it was windy, it rained but sometimes it was sunny.
Yet, everyone walking up the street was dressed like it was the middle of summer.

Some of these girls were dressed in shorts that were extremely short with small boobtubes,
One girl stood out to me a lot, she way wearing a tight pink club dress, carrying her school books but the dress didn't even cover the bottom of her butt cheeks!
Seriously, do these people actually own mirrors?

Recently there has also been so many little girls dressing up in skimpy clothes that girls from 8-14 shouldn't even be wearing, short shorts, heels, boobtubes, crop tops and so many other terrible clothes that they shouldn't be wearing in public.
Call me old fashioned, but parents shouldn't be letting their babies out of the house dressed like that.

I know a lot of mums will disagree with me but I find it strange seeing young children trying to be grown up before they need to.
I grew up in a house where I was always allowed to wear the latest fashions but my Mum always made me to it in a tasteful way and the fact that I was a chubby kid I never had the self confidence to even try to wear a mini skirt.

I know that our Tweens want to keep up with our latest fashions but isn't there a way to do it without having to see a 9yo walking up the street with hot pants and crop tops, fair enough if you are at the beach but not chilling out in the mall.

As a Mum when are you meant to start letting your child start making their own choices when it comes to what they wear and where they wear it?

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  1. I have a rule with my teenager, she can wear whatever she wants, but her belly can't be showing, no cleavage, and she wouldn't be caught dead in a dress or skirt, so no worries there. Most public schools in our area have a dress code, which I like.
    Have a great day!
    Angie G.


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