Monday, 11 February 2013

Trying to be a 'good' housewife

This morning I woke up to my husbands alarm going off, Normally I don't even wake up to it.
I decided I should probably do the good wife thing and go and make him some lunch.
For those of you that know me, I was never made to be a house wife, I am happier to head out and spend time with the horses, Playing with Toby or Blogging.

Yesterday while I was at the local store I grabbed Jarryd some things to make salad sandwiches, Normally he takes left overs from the night earlier but because I didn't make up a bulk pasta like normal I thought a better grab him some sandwich feelings.

My fillings were really boring Baby cos lettuce, tomato, cheese, ham and mayo.
I knew he would complain about it when he got to work so I slipped him a can of baked beans so he wasn't hungry later on.
You can imagine the shock I got when I received a message from him at morning tea saying how amazing they were and that he wants them everyday!
So of I go back to the store to stock up on some eggs and more salad to make them a little more interesting.

Tomorrow I am going to try and make them a tad more exciting because to me these look extremely boring but I do like all the colour in them.

I might even go make myself one now.



  1. I give you props for making him his lunch! My husband usually takes a frozen meal or leftovers as well, but as soon as he starts his new job, that really wont be an option anymore. I might have to start making sandwiches and things! : )

  2. I love sandwiches!

    Stopping by from GFC and a new follower of yours!


    Jessica stop by sometime! Thanks!

  3. Hello from your newest follower, over from the GFC blog hop. That looks like a great way to make a man happy. My husband's co-workers call his lunches from me each day, "The Grab-bag" because he never know's what he's going to have for lunch. He says it makes him a Rock star at work, because all the other wives never do this for their men! LOL

    Have a great day!


  4. i love sandwiches! they're my husband's favorites! New follower from the hop! Can't wait to check out the rest of your posts :)


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