Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Week 17


Getting close to half way (finally)

I slowly (very slowly) starting to get a belly, I mean with Toby I was slightly huge by 17 weeks. 

17 weeks pregnant with Toby.

 This one has really thrown me off about what I am having, I think its a girl but I'm not sure if I have just talked myself into thinking that's what I want.

17 weeks with Jellybean

Don't get me wrong I am happy with either sex, But surely I am allowed to want a precious little girl.
I woke up a few days ago with nasty morning sickness again 5am and laying in bed with that horrid watery mouth! Not my perfect way to wake up.
I have been looking out for random maternity shoot ideas for when I hit about 30 weeks I really want to do something quirky and fun but I will keep looking.

I have tried my luck at drinking green tea, I am still not keen on it but it has to be better for me than drinking coke.
My food love hasn't really changed, I love chocolate still and have recently discovered white chocolate ice magic. (OMG AMAZING)
I have really been enjoying apricot chicken with mashed potato, I could seriously eat it all day.

A Little About Toby

 Being pregnant and having a toddler is nothing like I imagined it to be,
Toby has been reasonably easy to do things with apart from when he had the runs and his horrible nappy was so painful that he would hysterically scream everytime I had to change his nappy, And at the moment trying to put him down to sleep results in him screaming the house down as soon as he see's where he is going, today he refused to sleep any longer than a hour and he ended up falling asleep in his jumperroo.

Finally Crashed.
As I sit her typing this I am being joyed by Jellybean giving me small little kicks that I can only just feel.

Today is Mine and Jarryd 2nd wedding anniversary, we aren't doing anything until we get back from our Holiday to Sydney then Jarryd is planning a surprise weekend away and I'm not allowed to know what he's planning! Did I mention I hate Surprises!



  1. I've always said that I would want a girl!!

    I'm a new follower through the hop

  2. Happy Anniversary, and your baby bump is cute. Hope you little one starts to feel better soon.
    Angie G.

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    Colleen from Sugar Aunts

  4. Isn't it amazing the difference between the pregnancies!!

  5. Oh I loved when I could finally see a bump with my pregnancy. Then I really felt pregnant. LOL! And I love when you have a surprise waiting for you. I just hate having to wait for it. Hehehe! Well, have a great anniversary.

  6. What a tiny bump, have a great anniversary

    This day I love

  7. Im from the blog hop share the love, your little boy is so cute! Followed :)
    Sarah xx

  8. Stopping by from the blog hop to say hello!

    -Kelly :)


  9. Congrats! I think we're secretly hoping for another girl, but maybe a little down the road. Girls are a handful, but you'll have so much fun! And you're so brave! My morning sickness was so bad with our first that I'm a little terrified to have another one while she's a toddler, but I'd love the closeness in age.

    Newest follower from the hop :) Hope to see you at Me + the Moon sometime! We have our find + follow friday hop this week-- love to have you!



"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"