Sunday, 10 February 2013

I survived..

My first ever hens party.

Wow I have not laughed (maybe more an awkward giggle) so much in my life.

Being pregnant I decided I would only go out for tea and not follow the rowdy hens to town, but even with that I didn't end up getting home until almost 10pm.
Yes I know, WHAT A NANNA!!

After being the first to turn up I sat at the bar and sipped on a 'Virgin' coke (the girls had a great time teasing me for not drinking until they realised I was pregnant) when every one arrived I was passed my 'penis straw' and I drank from it with pride.
We all went into the restaurants VIP room, I really should have known there was something going on as soon as I noticed the windows had been blacked out but it didn't click.

Right as I was finishing my dinner one of the girls slipped out and that was when I knew that I was about to see my first ever stripper. (OMG I am way to sober for this)
In walks the girl with a CD player followed by a hot guy dressed up as a fireman! Ekk look at his muscles!
Living in Tasmania we have a very small selection of strippers, well so I have heard.
So for Tassie standards this one was HOT!
His routine involved whipped cream and bananas, I can still smell the whipped cream 24 hours later and after 2 showers. (BTW I don't even like whipped cream)
After he was done he was great and posed with us for kinky photos.

After we had finished at the restaurant I went home. (still laughing about my early departure)
I am normally the one stumbling in at 5am, eating a kebab that I spent my taxi money on but being a mum of almost 2 I am starting to grow up.

When I walked into my lounge room Toby was laying on the couch with my parents watching 'City Slickers'.
Poor Jarryd had gotten a call out and was out fixing windows.

I had a blast at my first hens party and it gave me a lot of ideas as I am planning a hens party for my best friend.
I will be getting her a stripper (that's for sure)



  1. good morning. happy sunday. hope your weekend was great. I found your blog thru a blog hop.

    interesting post. very interesting that a mum of almost 2 watched a stripper who was hot. LOL ;)

    its ok. guess everyone has their guilty pleasures right? lol

  2. and i'm following you now esp after this post. aint no telling what's next. ;)

  3. Thanks so much for following me today through the GFC blog hop! :-) I've followed you back. Hope to see you around some more! :-D

  4. Thanks for linking up with us via the I Love My Online Friends hop!! Nice to meet you!
    Newest follower! ♥

  5. HAHAHAHAHA! I am so glad you had a good time. It sounds like it would have been a ton of fun. I am not so bold as to stick around for a stripper.


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