Friday, 8 March 2013

Week 21

Boy have I been over doing myself while we have been on holiday!

I'm aching all over!
My back is possibly the worst at the moment, followed with my hips in a close second!

We have been running all over Sydney and eating a lot of nice food!

The little bumpette has been kicking and moving a lot more it's so nice to feel a little person growing inside me!

Last night I had an extreme case of reflux and I ended up getting rushed to hospital as I had terrible chest pain and started throwing up!
You can never be to careful whilst you are pregnant, luckily it slowly settled and after a long wait for blood results I was allowed home with the condition of getting follow up bloods done when I get home because something was slightly elevated.

I am starting to get tired a lot faster than I am used to but it could be the fact that I have made myself to run down with all the sight seeing.

Even though we know we are having a girl I haven't yet gone out to buy girl clothes as I am slightly cautious that it was a little boy even though they were 99.9% sure it was a girl!

I think I will probably get more excited once we finally pick out our name for the little bumpette!


  1. I love your blog

  2. Hello! I saw you at the hop social and I am your newest follower in GFC from I look forward to seeing you over at my blog next :)


"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"