Sunday, 23 September 2012

Oh No You Didn't...

I don't know how many of live in places where religious people come around a knock on your door trying to recruit you to join their church,
Well I do.
I had always wondered why they had never come and knocked on the door of our gorgeous newly built house, but knocked on the neighbors.
Last Friday I decided to find out what was wrong with our house, 
So I wandered out, climbed through our front fence, introduced myself and asked why they never knocked on our door!?
 Their replied with "oh we didn't want to get bitten by your electric fence"
I replied with a simple "Ok Have a lovely day" and climbed back through the fence and went back inside.
Now let me explain.
My front fence if not electrified, though it is made out of electric wire to trick my horses if for some reason they get away from me or get out of their paddock.
 I do not go to church but had always seen them walk straight past our house and found myself extremely curious as to why.

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