Sunday, 9 September 2012

Boy or Girl

After having a super precious little boy I often think about what I would want for my second Child.

Another precious little boy to play with Toby and be a best friend, Or a beautiful baby girl to make it one of each.

I knew from the day I was pregnant that I was having a boy but it didn't stop me from having my hopes set on a girl.

Today I decided to read up on everyone's advice on conceiving a Girl!

Will it actually work though and does it make those mum's set on having a girl disappointed when it doesn't work.

They suggest when to have sex, changing the diet, change of temperature and all this other random rubbish!

Who believes these things actually work or do you, like me think its just the luck of the draw? 

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  1. In my opinion were blessed with whatever the 'luck of the draw' we get. Recently someone said to me "ohh, what a pity you're having a boy!"... I was horrified! Besides the nerve of some people the love we have for our child doesn't depend on the sex :)... but sequins and frills would be so cute!


"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"