Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Week 15

Hello Baby Holmes.
Yes this week marks the first time I felt the jellybean move!
It was such a beautiful moment just like it was with Toby!

I have had more all day sickness this week and I swear it has been the worst I have had.
I don't really enjoy and foods apart from my chocolate!
I haven't liked to cook over the last few weeks but this week I am back in wife/mum mode and we are eating a lot of healthy vegetables and meat.
 Unfortunately I still can't eat red meat though, I did manage to eat a few double cheese burgers lately.

This week I have started to stress about the birth of the child, the labour bag, wanting to go into labour naturally and not being induced, the fear of a c section when I have a toddler at home and really thinking I want a water birth.
So many things that I think about really don't need to be worried about but I still am over thinking about them.

The more I think and research having a water birth the more I like the sound of it, I want to go drug free as far as possible and I already know my body can do it and now I just have to make sure I am mentally ready.

I have also been thinking about how I will fit two little terrors in the one room, don't get me wrong it is a huge bedroom but then I think about do I buy a second bed or buy Toby a big boy bed as he will be 18 months maybe even closer to two by the time the new baby is ready to take over his cot.

I could sit here and write all night just I better get my precious boys fed and ready for bed.



  1. What a precious moment!! <3

    It had a horrid birth, but it was still a wonderful birth - everything I was scared about came true haha, having an epi, the induction, the c-section ect ... who knows, maybe my mind worried so much that I talked myself into it all?
    Anyway, you know it's SO worth it all. No matter what labour is like, it's so worth it!!

  2. I have to say that I freaked out about the labor of my son the month prior to his due date. I know it may be different for me the 2nd time around, but I have been trying not to think about the future births until they arrive, because no matter how I want to plan it... baby will make a lot of my decisions for me. As long as baby arrives happy and healthy, that is all that matters. I am sure that no matter what labor obstacle you encounter you will overcome it and you will have a beautiful little one in your arms.


"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"