Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nappy rash from hell!

After being one of those Mums that has been really lucky not to have had nappy rash in my house, This week has been the week from hell!
The poor little man has had the runs for almost a week and nothing in his diet had really been changed.
After being at my wits end I decided to turn to my supportive mummy friends on facebook they always have brilliant ideas and things that I haven't tried to clear it up.
Some of the thing they suggested was, corn flour, different barrier creams and a cream called resolve!
I went to the chemist and got the resolve cream, after just 12 hours and a full nights sleep, I went to change another dirty nappy, dreading the screaming and struggling I found that the rash was no longer inflamed and bleeding.


We have since found out that Toby has what is called "Toddlers Diarrhea" It is caused by not enough fat in his diet so it was good to be reassured and told that I need to feed him more cheese, custards and have more high in fiber foods!
I was good to be told that it wasn't something I was doing wrong.

Hopefully it all settles down soon.


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  1. Jydan's gets a bad rash from disposables, we use cloth but over night use disposables, he gets aa nasty rash. We use resolve and it works brilliant!! :D, It means I can use disposables without him being in pain. great stuff huh.


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