Saturday, 3 November 2012

Whats inside my head! Random but interesting.

My favorite colour is Pink,
It's girlie and I just adore it.
I drink a lot of hot chocolate,
I drink other things as well but i love hot chocolate over any tea or coffee.
I am a big kid,
I love to go to theme parks and go on all the rides until I start to feel sick.
I want to travel overseas when Toby gets older,
Bali and Hawaii are at the top of my list,
I would also love to see Paris.
I remember almost 90% of my dreams,
Yet they are alway's random and don't make a lot of sense the next day when I remember them.
I love Chinese food,
It is my takeaway of choice and I could quite easily eat it everyday if I could afford it.
I am irrationally scared of robbers,
This stems from my car getting stolen in 2009 by some teenagers who stole all the things worth anything in it then burnt it out.
I heard then breaking into it at about 4.30am and it was a surreal experience for me.
My Favorite movie of all times is the Titanic,
Something about Leonardo in that movie just makes me fall in love with him.
I got a lapband when I was 18yo,
It was a huge decision and not something to choose lightly,
I wasn't extremely over weight but I was having trouble with my joints and self esteem,
Believe me it was not the easy way out like so many people believe it is.
I still eat well and work hard to keep on top of my weight issue's.
I have had one knee reconstruction and am currently waiting to have a second one,
I'm not sure how I will go having a baby while on crutches so it will be interesting.
My dream job is to be managing a Fashion Store and playing in gorgeous clothing all day long.
In five years from now I see myself working my dream job,
having my wonderful hubby by my side and two precious little boys.

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