Friday, 20 July 2012

Welcome, Heres a small intro..

Hey Dolls,
Welcome to my blog!
My name is Jay.

Young Mum's Guide To Survival was inspired by the birth of my precious Son Toby Martin!

Before I was reading a lot of books, stories and forums on when my babe should be doing certain things, signs of sickness and pretty much everything else under the blue moon!

I worry more than I probably should and every single day I find out something new about my Boy I didn't know the day before!

Young Mum's Guide is about my experiences of becoming a mum, pregnancy, birth and other random or interesting things I find along the way on my journey through motherhood!

I am 21 years old and have been told on occasions that I am too young to be a mum!!
My son was planned and I had been married for 2 months when I fell pregnant :)  

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"It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, Father's would do it!"